2021 Apple Developer Conference, MacBookPro, AirPods 3 are not released!

Is it worth staying up late to watch the Apple event?

In the early morning of June 8th, Beijing time, the 2021 Apple Developer Conference (WWDC) was held, and this was another night that disappointed the fruit fans who stayed up late.

Previously exposed hardware products such as MacBookPro, AirPods 3, and AppleGlass have not been released, and the new software system released is only minor repairs on the basis of the original system, and does not bring the ideal leap-forward upgrade. Let’s put aside Apple’s “software” theme in the first half of the year, and focus on the regular operations of “hardware” in the second half of the year. But as far as Chinese consumers are concerned, staying up late to watch the launch may not interest more people.

Users want more, Apple gives less

In the eyes of the outside world, the annual WWDC is a grand event. During WWDC, Apple will introduce a new generation of systems, including new features, to developers and users, so as to point out the way for developers to develop in the future. This time is no exception. In the nearly 110-minute speech, Apple introduced new updates to its systems including iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, and WatchOS.

At the press conference, Apple constantly emphasized that these new system upgrades have powerful deep learning capabilities, thereby bringing consumers a more humane experience. However, for ordinary consumers, perhaps this deeper experience may not be experienced in daily use, and they may not be able to feel the difference from the previous generation.

As the most successful Apple device, iPhone users are naturally most concerned about the new iOS 15 system. At WWDC21, Apple did not sell everyone a secret, and as soon as it came up, it officially met everyone with ios 15 as the opening show.

However, unlike the major changes in the ios 14 era, ios 15 has no substantial upgrades, only a few small functions have been updated. It is still an upgrade of Apple’s native application functions and services. In FaceTime, iMessage, wallet, maps and other functions of almost the whole set of Apple apps have become more interesting and richer. However, these applications or functions are either not used or not used in China.

After all, in terms of mobile phone use, Chinese consumers seem to have a natural rejection of the original software of mobile phones. Whether it is Apple Maps, FaceTime or the software on Android phones, in the eyes of most Chinese consumers, they are only at the stage they have seen. It will not click to use, and more will choose third-party software to operate. For example: Baidu and AutoNavi for map navigation; QQ and WeChat for video chat; Toutiao for browsing news; Douyin and Kuaishou for video software. From this point of view, even if Apple upgrades its native applications to the extreme, it is still unknown how willing consumers are to use them under the inherent thinking of consumers. Because the habit of using it in the past has been formed.

Of course, ios 15 is not without its bright spots. One reassuring news is that the ios 15 adaptation still supports the iPhone 6S. This is enough to make those “nail households” of Apple mobile phones feel that the iPhone 6s in their hands can still be used for 3 years.

In addition to ios 15 being slightly embarrassing to the Chinese, the upgrade of Apple’s iPad OS is also extremely disappointing. The so-called greater hope, the greater the disappointment. Apple, who proposed “why is your next computer a computer”, obviously still has a long way to go.

In the minds of consumers, when the M1 chip comes to the iPad Pro, users naturally hope that the iPad will become a real productivity tool like the Mac. However, the iPad OS 15 released this time still focuses on adding user-friendly functions, supplemented by program development. Its new version of the desktop controls, split-screen operation and quick memo recording functions can only be seen as an extension of the ios 15 function.

As for Mac OS, as long as the interface of the Safari browser is upgraded, it becomes more beautiful. In addition, it also supports the air casting function, which can transfer the content played on the mobile phone to the Mac. As for watchOS just adding a few fitness features, it doesn’t seem too much to say that a version number is changed.

Through the content of this conference, we can find that compared with the previous Apple, Apple has brought us fewer and fewer surprises. Without a hardware release, the software is also tinkered with the original. This is undoubtedly disappointing for fruit fans who are full of expectations.

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