750V electric vehicle IGBT module handles 50kW

Called FF300R08W2P2_B11A, and rated to 230Arms, it includes a pair of 750V IGBTs from the company’s EDT2 generation, optimised for 10kHz switching.

“The chipset has benchmark current density combined with short circuit ruggedness for reliable inverter operation under harsh environmental conditions,” said Infineon. “The EDT2 IGBTs also show excellent light load power losses. An EDT2 chip outperforms Infineon’s previous chip generation by 20%.”

Electrical isolation is included, and the package (‘EasyPack’ 2B, qualified to AQG 324) has press-fit pins to avoid the need for soldering during assembly. According to the company, three EasyPack 2Bs, which are 48 x 57 x 12mm plus pins and mounting tabs, require 30% less surface area its earlier soldered HybridPack 1.

“Over the past ten years, Infineon has sold more than 50 million EasyPack modules with various chipsets for industrial and automotive applications,” said the company. “With the introduction of EDT2 [‘electric drive train’] technology in this package and full automotive qualification, Infineon is expanding the application range of the module family to include traction inverters.”

Transistor saturation is typically 1V at 200A and the integrated reverse-parallel diodes drop around 1.3V at 200A. A thermistor is included for thermal feedback.

Current is split over multiple pins – eight for the +ve power rail, for example. Module resistance, terminal to chip, is typically 4mΩ and module inductance 8nH. Terminal to heatsink creepage and clearance are 11.5 and 10mm respectively