A few days ago, the 2020 China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference opened in Wuhan. The reporter learned from the meeting that more than a year since the commercial use of 5G, there have been more than 1,100 “5G + Industrial Internet” integrated and innovative construction projects across the country. In the next step, more support measures will be added and upgraded, including formulating an action plan for the innovation and development of the Industrial Internet, specifying key tasks and key projects in the new stage; continuing to promote the innovation and development project of the Industrial Internet, and increasing support for the industry; accelerating the creation of leading enterprises and individual champions , cultivating public service platforms, etc., to provide strong support for accelerating the development of the modern industrial system and promoting the optimization and upgrading of the economic system.

Over 1100 projects under construction

Since the commercial use of 5G for more than a year, my country’s industrial Internet construction has entered the fast lane, and the pace of exploration of “5G + industrial Internet” has been accelerating.

In the exhibition hall of the results of the conference, a series of application scenarios integrating 5G and industrial Internet, such as “flexible manufacturing” for clothing production, unmanned vehicles, smart ports, and smart mines, were unveiled. The smart garment factory based on 5G technology, the application of 5G technology not only saves a lot of manpower in raw material quality inspection, factory inspection, and compliance monitoring of garment production processes, but also brings about flexible production that promotes traditional garment manufacturing to become intelligent change. With the large bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability of 5G, the staff at the Wuhan site can operate the loaders far away on the Liuzhou construction site in Guangxi in real time.

Xiao Yaqing, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at the meeting that nearly 700,000 5G base stations have been built and the number of terminal connections has exceeded 180 million since the commercial use of 5G in my country for more than a year, covering all prefecture-level and above cities in the country. Resource-intensive, high-quality 5G networks are being built at an accelerated pace.

At the same time, my country gives full play to the technical characteristics and advantages of 5G-enabled industrial applications, and promotes the integration and innovation of “5G + Industrial Internet”. There are more than 1,100 construction projects across the country, and a series of application results have emerged, such as machine vision inspection, precise remote control, on-site auxiliary assembly, intelligent logistics, and unmanned inspection security.

“The enthusiasm of leading enterprises to promote the integration and innovation of 5G and industrial Internet has been continuously improved, and the scope of application has continued to extend to the core links of production and manufacturing, covering more and more industries and fields.” Xiao Yaqing said, “5G + Industrial Internet” is promoting the digitalization and networking of the manufacturing industry. , In the process of intelligent transformation, majestic power is bursting out.

Support measures will be upgraded

my country attaches great importance to the development of 5G + industrial Internet, and relevant policy support has been continuously improved. In November last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “5G + Industrial Internet” 512 Project Promotion Plan, proposing that by 2022, five industrial public service platforms will be built, 10 key industries will be selected, and at least 20 typical industrial application scenarios will be formed. The “Notice on Promoting the Accelerated Development of the Industrial Internet” issued in March this year further detailed the work requirements and promotion measures for the “5G + Industrial Internet” in 2020.

The “China 5G + Industrial Internet Development Report (2020)” released at the meeting shows that at present, nearly 20 provinces and cities have clarified their policy support for the “5G + Industrial Internet” direction. The Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is a two-area, three-belt and multi-point development pattern led by the Greater Bay Area.

However, the industry also pointed out that the integrated development space of “5G + Industrial Internet” still needs to be further expanded, and the importance of top-level design is becoming more prominent. Zhou Ji, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that only smart factories in the digital and networked stage are being promoted, and more advanced technological upgrades of “5G+Industrial Internet” and a new generation of smart manufacturing are still to come. Zhang Jun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Beijing Institute of Technology, also said that the next step is to speed up multi-level integration and support the construction of a smart industrial system through “5G + Industrial Internet”.

More support measures will be added further. Xiao Yaqing said that the next step is to strengthen policy guidance and improve policy pertinence. Formulate an action plan for the innovation and development of the Industrial Internet, and clarify key tasks and key projects in the new stage. Continue to promote the industrial Internet innovation and development project, and increase support for the industry. Promote the construction of industrial Internet industry demonstration bases at a high level, and guide the continuous optimization of industrial layout.

In terms of speeding up the construction of facilities and consolidating the foundation of industrial development, Xiao Yaqing said that the construction of the three major systems of industrial Internet network, platform and security will be comprehensively promoted, and the layout of the identification analysis system will be improved. Actively promote 5G network construction and co-construction and sharing. Deeply promote the research and development and industrialization of key technologies such as 5G, industrial passive optical networks, and time-sensitive networks. In addition, it will expand integrated applications, strive to build leading enterprises and individual champions, cultivate public service platforms, and improve the integrated innovation mechanism of production, education, research and application with enterprises as the core.

The development of 5G + industrial Internet is supported by the construction of new infrastructure. Han Xia, chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that he will promote the construction of new infrastructure of “5G+Industrial Internet”, promote the widespread deployment of new network technologies such as 5G and IPv6 in enterprise intranets, and build high-performance, high-reliability, high-flexibility and high-security enterprises. External network, consolidate the foundation of “5G + Industrial Internet”.

Need to continue to explore application scenarios

In the opinion of the participating experts, 5G and industrial Internet are expected to promote all-round changes in the manufacturing industry, but my country’s “5G + industrial Internet” is still in its infancy, and it is necessary to accelerate the expansion of integrated applications and continuously improve the industrial ecology.

Zhou Ji said that “5G + Industrial Internet” is the key support for building a strong manufacturing country. Intelligent manufacturing, digitization, networking, and intelligent manufacturing require strong “5G + Industrial Internet” empowerment. At the same time, as an enabling technology, 20% of the market is on the consumer side and 80% on the industrial side. The bigger blue ocean of “5G+Industrial Internet” is in intelligent manufacturing and digital China.

Xu Xiaolan, President of the China Industrial Internet Research Institute, said that the Industrial Internet will promote fundamental changes in industrial production methods and corporate organizational paradigms, but it is currently difficult to form a rapid, cross-industry, replicable and generalizable comprehensive system in the process of application promotion. solution. We can first focus on the common problems of vertical industries, achieve high-quality development of various industries, and truly bring out the features of 5G with large bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability.

Shi Wei, former director of the Industrial Office of the Institute of Economic System and Management of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that “5G + Industrial Internet” is a medium-to-long-term concept. Smart power, etc., can quickly through large-scale transformation of these systems to provide the basis for the next step of industrial manufacturing.

“5G+Industrial Internet is an emerging thing, and the current application scenarios need further exploration.” Wang Hongtian, Executive President of Inspur Group, said that it is suggested that all localities and departments should combine the regional economic characteristics to sort out the 5G+Industrial Internet application scenarios, and promote the practice in conjunction with the industrial Internet ecology for the application scenarios. , through the construction of a public service platform, to help enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to access the cloud platform.

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