An acceleration sensor is a sensor that can measure acceleration. It is usually composed of masses, dampers, elastic components, sensitive components, and adjustment circuits. In the process of acceleration, the sensor obtains the acceleration value by using Newton’s second law by measuring the inertial force on the mass block. According to the different sensor sensitive components, common acceleration sensors include capacitive, inductive, strain, piezoresistive, piezoelectric and so on.


By measuring the acceleration due to gravity, you can calculate the tilt angle of the device relative to the horizontal plane. By analyzing the dynamic acceleration, you can analyze the way the device moves. But at the beginning, you will find that light measurement of inclination and acceleration does not seem to be very useful. However, engineers have devised many ways to obtain more useful information.

Acceleration sensors can help the robot understand its environment. Are you climbing a mountain? Still going downhill, did you fall? Or for flying robots, it is also crucial to control the attitude. More importantly, make sure that your robot does not go to crowded places with bombs on its own. A good programmer can use the accelerometer to answer all the above questions. Acceleration sensors can even be used to analyze engine vibration.
The acceleration sensor can measure the acceleration generated by the traction force.

Application of acceleration sensor in geophone design
Geophone is a special sensor used for geological exploration and engineering measurement. It is a sensor that converts ground vibration into electrical signals. It can convert ground vibrations caused by seismic waves into electrical signals, which are converted into binary data through analog/digital converters. , Carry out data organization, storage, and calculation processing. An acceleration sensor is an electronic device that can measure acceleration, and is typically used in mobile phones, notebook computers, pedometers, and motion detection.

Acceleration sensor technology is applied to car accident alarm.
In the modern era of the rapid development of the automobile industry, automobiles have become one of the main means of transportation for people to travel, but the number of casualties due to traffic accidents is also very large. In the modern informatization, using high technology to save human lives will be one of the themes of major research. Acceleration-based car accident alarm systems are based on this design concept. I believe that the promotion of this system will give the automobile industry a boost. Come for more security.

Acceleration sensors are used to monitor the galloping of high-voltage wires.
At present, the domestic monitoring of wire galloping mostly adopts two main technical solutions: video image acquisition and motion acceleration measurement. The former not only has high requirements on the reliability and stability of video equipment under the weather conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, severe cold, dense fog, sand and dust in the wild, but also the effect of the captured video images will be affected. In actual use It can only be used as an auxiliary monitoring method and cannot quantitatively analyze the wire movement parameters; while the acceleration sensor is used to monitor wire galloping. Although it can quantitatively analyze the up and down vibration and left and right swings of a certain point of the transmission wire, it can only measure the amplitude and the linear movement of the wire. Frequency, and for complex circular motion, it cannot be accurately measured. Therefore, we must accelerate the development of acceleration sensors to adapt to applications in such environments.