With the deepening of industrial intelligence, the scale of the integrated circuit market has ushered in a new round of upward trend, among which AI chips have become one of the mainstream directions leading the growth of the industry. From December 22nd to 23rd, the 2021 China Integrated Circuit Design Industry Conference and Wuxi Integrated Circuit Industry Innovation and Development Summit Forum (ICCAD 2021) opened at Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center. AIC semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was invited to participate meeting. Zhang Xing, head of the company’s ISP and system architect, attended the “IP and IC Design Services” special forum and delivered a speech on AI imaging, introducing in detail the important role and technology of AI empowerment for image and video quality improvement principle.

Aixin Yuanzhi unveiled at ICCAD 2021: Detailed explanation of self-developed chip AI empowers ISP to improve image quality

More than algorithms, Aixin Yuanzhi’s two core technologies expand the industry “ceiling”

Public information shows that Aixin Yuanzhi is a company that focuses on AI vision technology research and development and basic computing power platform. After its establishment in May 2019, it took only 9 months to tape out successfully. Currently, it has developed two artificial intelligence visions. Processing chips, of which the first self-developed chip AX630A has been mass-produced, and the second chip AX620A was successfully lit in July 2021, and the market promotion is currently underway.

As a new force in the field of domestic AI chips, Aixin Yuanzhi has two core technical advantages: advanced mixed-precision NPU and self-developed AI ISP technology, and on this basis, it has extended the use of high computing power, low power consumption, and high computing power. It can flexibly use low-bit mixed-precision algorithms to effectively improve the efficiency and power consumption ratio of the chip, greatly improve the image quality of multiple key modules in the traditional ISP, reduce the demand for DDR, and increase the performance of the NPU to more than 50% .

Today, the gradual maturity of the artificial intelligence industry has driven the rapid development of AI chips, and has also put forward higher requirements for the image and sound quality of artificial intelligence chips. When the existing lens and sensor are close to the limit in physics, ISP (Image signal processor) is the main unit responsible for image quality processing and improvement in SoC, and its development has reached the “ceiling”. AI empowered ISP can make painting The quality has been significantly improved. Therefore, Aixin Yuanzhi believes that AI ISP is one of the most important outlets in the imaging field in the future. The combination of computer vision and artificial intelligence will open up a new “view” for us.

Under the joint architecture of its own ISP and NPU, Aixin Yuanzhi actively explores the in-depth combination of AI and computer vision, and introduces AI into ISP, so that ISP can be continuously improved. At the same time, AI ISP breaks through the bottleneck of traditional ISP, can achieve clearer night video effects, create a stronger resolution, make images clearer, provide better colors, and further meet the ultimate audiovisual needs of customers.

Aixin Yuanzhi unveiled at ICCAD 2021: Detailed explanation of self-developed chip AI empowers ISP to improve image quality

With technology, new species of AI chips “fly into the homes of ordinary people”

How to use AI capabilities to the extreme under the condition of fully controllable cost and power consumption has always been an important principle of Aixin Yuanzhi technology research and development. From a technical point of view, the AI ​​ISP technology developed by Aixin Yuanzhi has overturned the traditional ISP pure hardware channel design method. Through iterative software models, performance can be improved, and the iterative upgrade of chip product image quality can be quickly achieved, and at some limits. The scene breaks through the “ceiling” of traditional video processing capabilities. In practical applications, Aixin Yuanzhi can use a single chip to achieve coverage of two completely different markets, smart phones and smart transportation, which can reduce the cost of AI comprehensive application and greatly improve productivity.

Zhang Xing emphasized in his speech that AI ISP is not just a simple algorithm combination of several instructions. It is not a single algorithm study in the chip industry, but a study of overall performance. In fact, in a turbulent market environment, market competition will become increasingly fierce. Focusing on innovative research on chip technology and products is the foundation of AI vision chip companies. Based on the vertical integration of algorithms, chips, and products, Aixin Yuanzhi provides partners with full-stack solutions to help customers achieve the rapid implementation of the latest technology, and at the same time enrich and complete product roadmaps to meet users’ use of products in different scenarios need.

In the future, Aixin Yuanzhi will continue to deepen the field of AI vision chips, continuously improve all aspects of technology, continue to enrich the product matrix, and accelerate the realization of multi-industry coverage. At the same time, through independent innovation, it will provide users with a powerful AI-based computing platform, as a way to allow more people to have a broader vision, jointly create sustainable “core” energy, and “change the world with the horizon.”

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