Akamai Technologies, the intelligent edge platform responsible for delivering secure digital experiences, announced that it has been recognized in The Forrester Wave?: Web Application Firewalls, Q1 2020 evaluation for “leaders”. Forrester evaluated the “Top 10 Web Application Firewall (WAF) Providers in the Category,” with Akamai earning the highest score in the “Current Products” category.

“Organizations expect more functionality from their WAF providers,” the report states. In this Forrester Wave, the vendor-provided reference contains a lot of negative feedback, which serves as a warning—unless vendors make adjustments , otherwise the WAF market will face a reshuffle.” In the “Akamai Vendor Profile” section of the report, Forrester wrote: “Many WAF customer references give vendors moderate ratings, but Akamai is ranked among the top for its overall positive ratings. Vendors stand out, with the company scoring particularly well in attack detection, attack response, and insider threat intelligence.”

Forrester also mentioned in the report that customers “expect WAFs to be able to defend against a wider range of application attacks, including API-based attacks, client-side attacks, and bots. In addition, the adoption of DevSecOps means that WAFs must integrate with the rest of application development and security infrastructure and help security leaders quickly identify and respond to application threats.” Akamai scored highest in the report’s Current Products category, which includes attack detection, attack response, zero-day attacks, management interface, reporting and analytics and feedback loops.

The Forrester Wave report states: “WAF customers should look for providers that go beyond traditional WAF protection…” Akamai’s recent acquisition of ChameleonX shows Akamai’s future plans to protect third-party scripts from Magecart-style attacks. Akamai’s WAF, Kona Site Defender, is an important part of its security portfolio, which also includes DDoS protection, bot management, and API gateways for Akamai’s CDN customers.

Raja Patel, vice president of Web Security Products at Akamai, said: “Akamai’s intelligent edge security services secure websites, applications, APIs and users. In our view, Akamai’s recognition as a leader by Forrester is the first A recognition of Akamai’s Web Application Firewall’s ability to detect and defend against the largest and most sophisticated attacks 24/7 from a biased perspective. With an average of 178 billion WAF rule triggers per day, Akamai provides advanced attack detection capabilities Well-designed and highly accurate WAF protection service.”

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