From August 14th to 16th, 2020, the 8th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE 2020) was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. China electronic Information Expo will attract more than 100,000 visitors from the whole country and the world, and more than 50 companies and professional groups will participate in the exhibition, with more than 60,000 professional visitors. In such a grand exhibition, of course, Amethyst Storage, which shows the power of China, is also indispensable.

Amethyst Storage was established in 2010 and is a leading optical storage high-tech enterprise in China. It was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on February 26, 2020. Facing the era of big data, the company promotes data intelligent cold and hot hierarchical storage management, following the development path of optical storage “media-equipment-software-solution”, forming a competitive advantage in the entire industry chain, and becoming a big data storage solution and product provider business.

While the current data is growing exponentially, it also shows the characteristics of stratification. According to the frequency of access, it can be divided into hot data, warm data, and cold data from high to low. Amethyst Storage found that over 80% of data will become cold data over time. Based on this, the researchers of Amethyst Storage put forward the storage concept of data cold and hot intelligent layering, and launched a magneto-optical fusion storage system and a variety of products with optical storage media as the core to solve the current and future big data storage Facing many problems and challenges, we can better serve and support digital construction. In this CITE 2020, Amethyst Storage will highlight two series of optical storage systems.

1) ZL series optical storage system

In the exhibition, Amethyst Storage focused on exhibiting two products with models ZL2520 and ZL6120. The ZL series of optical storage products are the second generation of optical storage products developed by Amethyst. Compared with the previous generation products, the storage density and data transmission speed are greatly improved. The system adopts a rotating cage design. A single ZL6120 can reach a large capacity of 6,120 discs. Another model of the series, ZL12240, can achieve a load of 12,240 discs, which is at the leading level in the industry. Products can be used in the financial industry, medical industry, long-term data storage in data centers, government disaster recovery and many other fields.

ZL series products won the 43rd Geneva International Invention Gold Award in 2015. The product line is complete and supports starting from a small scale and expanding to PB-level mass storage to meet the needs of data centers of all sizes. Magneto-optical integrated storage, using high-speed media to accept data, permanent media for long-term storage of data, safe and reliable, can achieve more than 50 years of storage life, data will not be tampered with. The product adopts multiple verification mechanisms such as RRC and ECC to ensure that data is not lost; adopts a standard UDF encoding format to ensure that the data of each disc is independent and valid at the system level. As long as the disc medium is not damaged, the data can still be restored.

It supports mainstream operating systems, provides standard Restful interfaces, supports standard NFS/CIFS protocols, seamlessly integrates, and can integrate with a variety of industry solutions to achieve data hierarchical storage, data archiving, data backup, and data disaster recovery.

2) MHL series optical storage system

The MHL series products are a single standard 4U modular optical storage product. The modular design is convenient for expansion and most of the system components are dual-controller designs, which avoids a single point of failure in operation. The vertical design of the CD complies with the requirements of the National Archives Administration for the storage of data CDs. In addition, there are many advantages. Such as modular design, using 4U storage nodes as modules, which can be expanded vertically (1 master server can support up to 10 MHLs). MHL series optical storage systems are mostly used for long-term storage of video big data and archival industry data.

With the development of enterprise-level market applications, the optical storage industry has also entered a new technological development cycle, from blue-ray storage to the innovative development of next-generation holographic optical storage technology. Holographic optical storage technology is also one of the important research and development projects of Amethyst Storage at this stage. . Holographic optical storage technology is regarded as the next generation of optical storage media technology. This technology adopts three-dimensional distributed storage, which can provide storage capacity exceeding TB level, and can meet the big data storage needs of larger storage capacity and faster reading and writing speed. Therefore, the optical storage technology is also regarded as the focus of future development by Amethyst Storage.

The current typical application customers of Amethyst Storage include the National Supercomputing Center, the National Health Commission, the National Archives, remote sensing satellites, and JD Cloud Storage. Amethyst Storage takes “Empowering China Storage” as its lofty vision, and is committed to providing Chinese government and enterprises with safer and more cost-effective big data storage. The hyper-converged storage model with optical storage as the core continues to promote massive data storage. Changes in the model. If you are interested in Amethyst Storage, you can find 1B080 at the exhibition site, and share with the staff of Amethyst Storage to experience the optical storage system!

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