Beijing, China – Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) today introduced a complete condition monitoring (CbM) development platform designed to help accelerate the development of condition monitoring hardware, software and algorithms. The CN0549 enables reliable high-fidelity data acquisition for mechanically fixed wide-bandwidth sensor data. The development platform’s open-source software interface simplifies connecting from embedded systems to widely used data analysis tools such as MATLAB® and Python. The CN0549 supports real-time vibration data processing, which can speed up the development of machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance services. This platform is so flexible that engineers of all disciplines can utilize the CN0549 to speed up condition monitoring development and significantly reduce development cost and risk.

Analog Devices Announces Condition Monitoring Development Platform

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Key features of the reference design:

• Broadband (DC to 10 kHz) MEMS vibration sensor compatible with existing IEPE piezo-compliant interfaces.

• A unique mechanical mounting cube that enables the full-bandwidth mechanical translation capabilities of MEMS vibration sensors.

• Broadband, high-fidelity data acquisition system reference design for IEPE sensors.

• Embedded gateway with industry standard open source software to support data processing.

• Stream vibration data into common machine learning environments such as MATLAB, TensorFlow, and other Python-based tools for algorithm development with step-by-step examples.

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