We all know that with the increasing development of our country, the development of the hardware and machinery industry is becoming stronger and stronger. Our country’s industrial development is relatively late, but our development speed is considerable, and we will also believe that our country’s industrial level will eventually reach the international level. Level, from the original ordinary traditional lathe processing to the current CNC numerical control lathe processing. This is the era of a landmark turning point. From mechanical braking, to semi-automatic, to artificial intelligence, we can see such a development process. This transformation has changed the entire history of working methods, becoming more efficient and intelligent. . The liberation of a large amount of labor, let us see a new future, the way forward. And proceed right in this direction.

Nowadays, in our country’s CNC hardware precision machinery parts processing accessories industry, whether it is manufacturing or distribution, in the process of developing from a big country to a powerful country, the number of enterprises will become less and less, and the scale and strength of enterprises will become larger and larger. It will inevitably take a road of cross-regional, cross-border, grouping, and chain management by relying on brand, technical content, and strong capital.

Not long ago, the Dongguan Consumers Association conducted a product comparison test on some ceramic sheet sealed faucets currently on the market. Yesterday, the Dongguan Consumers Association announced the results of the comparative test. The results showed that among the 50 ceramic sealing faucets tested, 34% did not meet the standard. The test results once again tested the quality of plumbing CNC hardware precision machinery parts processing products. .

According to the test, the aluminum alloy shell of Dongguan was processed by CNC, 50 samples were filled with water for 10-24 hours, only two taps were lead-free. Experts point out that a faucet with a substandard material is very likely to cause the “overnight water” retained in it to exceed the standard. If it exceeds a certain level of human size, it will cause lead poisoning.


The comparative test sample is a ceramic sheet sealed kitchen faucet, involving 50 samples produced by 50 companies in 8 provinces and cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hebei. By entrusting the National Building Materials Industry Building Hardware Plumbing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to test the label packaging, salt spray test, flow rate, sealing performance, water efficiency, lead precipitation concentration, etc. of the faucet, there are 17 faucet samples in 50 samples. The project did not meet the standard requirements, accounting for 34%.


According to reports, the reason why Dongguan’s aluminum alloy casing CNC machining faucet is not easy to lead is beyond the standard. The main reason is that most ceramic chip faucets are mostly casted with copper alloys to limit the processing technology of precision mechanical parts. When the lead element in the copper alloy comes into contact with the air, the surface is quickly oxidized to form a protective film, but water will cause the lead protective film to fall off, leading to the precipitation of lead in the faucet.

my country’s plumbing and bathroom hardware industry grew out of nothing and has continued to flourish for decades. At present, the CNC machining of aluminum alloy shell in Dongguan, China has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of plumbing and bathroom hardware facilities, and well-known domestic plumbing hardware brands have also appeared in the international market. With the intensified market competition, the downturn in the property market, and the decline in market demand, plumbing and bathroom hardware companies also need to improve themselves, change their development direction, focus on improving product quality, improve product functions, and continue to tap and meet the various needs of target consumers to create Brand awareness and reputation.