We all know that CNC machining is to clamp the workpiece through the fixture. This is the workpiece can move forward, but the tool is not moving, we can process the part we like through the linear motion or swing motion of the workpiece. .

This method can undoubtedly only be done one at a time and cannot be processed in batches, so this processing method can be directly improved. Let’s take a look at what will be the development of CNC machining?

The development trend of CNC machining:

1. Machining multiple parts at once

In the above, we also realized that the current processing method of CNC core processing is one-by-one processing, which is inefficient and cannot be processed in large quantities. So we can improve this method to process multiple parts at once, such as processing 20 to 30 parts at a time before stopping the delivery. The efficiency of such processing is greatly improved.

2. Complex operability,

In CNC machining, no matter the area of ​​the workpiece to be processed, the accuracy, and the complexity of the shape of the parts are not very high, so the improvement and breakthrough in this aspect in this regard are undoubtedly more conducive to heart-to-heart processing. Of development.

3. The way of heart processing.

When cutting, the core machine is basically always at the closest position where the material is fixed. This is something that is more acceptable to the workpiece or the operator, and the operator will not follow it around.


4. Improve production efficiency,

The improvement of CNC production efficiency is nothing more than shortening the manufacturing cycle and the waiting time of the fixture to improve the production efficiency. If the focus can be improved in this respect in the future, the processing efficiency will basically be significantly improved.

5. Automatic feeding

In the core processing, the feeding method is manually added. If we can install the automatic feeding method when feeding, install a short and long wire take-up machine from the receiving part, so that multiple operations can be performed in time.

7. The size of the walking machine becomes smaller

For the scheming machine, the basic situation now is that the size is still relatively large. If we can make the size of the CNC scheming machine smaller, we can reduce the floor area and save more space for us.