Apple agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit this week, paying claimants $18 million, according to a court filing. The lawsuit alleges that in 2014, Apple deliberately disabled FaceTime on older iPhones (the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s) to save costs; and it asks Apple to pay each member of the lawsuit $3.

According to the settlement, Apple will provide $18 million to establish a mutual fund, an amount equal to 30% of the total average loss assessed by the plaintiff’s expert Dr. ustine S. Hastings, Ph.D. Lawyers representing the class-action lawsuit estimate that each lawsuit member will receive $3 for each device involved, though the amount could increase for individual devices if other claimants don’t receive damages.

Two representatives in the lawsuit, Christina Grace and Ken Potter, will each receive $7,500 for their participation in the lawsuit.

Litigation attorneys can get 30% of the mutual fund’s amount, or $5.4 million in attorney’s fees and $1.1 million in expense reimbursement, for a total of $6.3 million.

The class-action lawsuit has been going on for three years, and in January of this year, Apple finally agreed to a settlement.

FaceTime launched in 2010 as the first-party video conferencing technology on the iPhone. At the time, Apple used two transmission methods to transmit audio and video data between devices participating in a video session: the direct connection method and the “relay method.” The relay method relies on a third-party server and is therefore more expensive.

In 2012, a court ruling forced Apple to stop using the transfer protocol because the direct-connect method involved infringed a patent owned by VirentX. As FaceTime has grown in popularity, Apple, which relies on relay methods to transmit data, has lost millions of dollars. To keep costs down, the company developed a new Direct Connect protocol, which was introduced in iOS 7 in 2013. But some iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s owners are reluctant to upgrade to iOS 7, causing problems with FaceTime on older devices.

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