As one of the important connotations of the new dual-cycle development pattern, the strategy of expanding domestic demand is still one of the key words in this year’s government report. Improving the support capacity of scientific and technological innovation is a key point to expand domestic demand, among which innovations in the integrated circuit industry are particularly concerned. After decades of development, integrated circuits have become a highly globalized industry. As one of the strategic, basic and leading industries supporting future economic and social development, the development of the integrated circuit industry has been highly valued by countries around the world. As a result, some changes in trade relations have also occurred.

In order to alleviate the impact of the trade environment on the integrated circuit industry, during the two sessions this year, the semiconductor industry associations of China and the United States announced on the 11th to jointly establish the “China-US Semiconductor Industry Technology and Trade Restriction Working Group”. The two working groups hope to resolve the concerns of the semiconductor industry in China and the United States through dialogue and cooperation, and make joint efforts to build a robust and resilient global semiconductor value chain.

Integrated circuit-related policies help industrial development

Attack the integrated circuit industry, see the new era of technological and intelligent change from CITE2021

A new round of technological change has profoundly affected the development of the global integrated circuit industry. In order to strengthen the strength of the local integrated circuit industry, my country has also promulgated a number of policies to help the development of the integrated circuit industry. In the second half of last year, the State Council issued “Several Policies for Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry and Software Industry in the New Era”, which aims to further optimize the development environment of the integrated circuit industry and the software industry, deepen industrial international cooperation, and improve the industrial innovation capability and development quality. , and introduced eight measures to advance the policy’s plans.

After entering 2021, the development of my country’s integrated circuit industry has seen new dynamics. According to the website of the State Council Information Office, a spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that the Chinese government will give strong support to the integrated circuit industry at the national level, and jointly create a market-oriented, legalized and internationalized business environment and an ecological environment for industrial development. surroundings. In addition, in January of this year, the Academic Affairs Department of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council officially issued a document to designate the integrated circuit major as a first-level discipline. The implementation of the “Several Policies” proposed to accelerate the establishment of the first-level discipline of integrated circuits.

Attack the integrated circuit industry, see the new era of technological and intelligent change from CITE2021

One of the highlands of the local integrated circuit industry

With the support of policies at the national level, my country’s integrated circuit industry has begun to develop across the country. Shenzhen, as a city with an integrated circuit foundation, has performed prominently in this round of local integrated circuit growth. According to statistics from the China Semiconductor Industry Association last year, Shenzhen is the city with the largest design industry in my country. The data shows that as of 2020, Shenzhen’s integrated circuit design industry has ranked first in the country for nine consecutive years, with sales reaching 109.87 billion yuan in 2019, breaking the 100 billion mark for the first time. In 2020, sales will reach 130 billion yuan. maintain steady growth.

After years of development, Shenzhen has also nurtured many well-known local chip manufacturers. In addition to Huawei HiSilicon, ZTE Microelectronics, Goodix Technology and Duntai Technology are also among the top ten IC design companies in China. As the window of China’s Electronic information industry and the vane of industry development, the 9th China electronic Information Expo (hereinafter referred to as “CITE 2021”) will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from April 9 to 11, 2021. It is reported that the theme of this expo is “innovation drives high-quality development”, focusing on building smart home, information technology application innovation, big data storage, intelligent manufacturing, 5G Internet of Things, ultra-high-definition video, integrated circuits, autonomous driving, electronic components and other sections, adhering to the principle of openness and cooperation, to create a national-level high-end Display platform for the entire industry chain of electronic information.

Celebrities gather to ignite CITE

The integrated circuit area is one of the highlights of the CITE conference. It is reported that MediaTek, Dell, Montage, Hongxinyu and other companies will all appear in the integrated circuit area of ​​this exhibition. As leaders in the integrated circuit industry, the development of these companies in recent years has attracted the attention of the industry.

Specifically, MediaTek has benefited from the development of 5G and set a new revenue record in 2020. It has launched 5G mobile phone chips including Dimensity 1000, Dimensity 820, Dimensity 800, Dimensity 800U, Dimensity 720 and Dimensity 700, which fully cover high-end, mid-range and entry-level markets, driving the company’s outstanding operating performance. Not long ago, MediaTek also released the latest 4K smart TV chip MT9638, which is now in mass production, and the terminal products will be available in the second quarter of 2021.

In addition, emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, IoT, and edge computing are also driving the demand for computing and storage resources. This brings huge challenges to the existing IT infrastructure, especially storage. Dell EMC PowerStore launched by Dell is a modern storage platform specially designed for the data age. challenges.

Montage Technology is an international leader in the design of high-performance processors and fully interconnected chips. The company has been deeply involved in the field of memory interface chips for more than ten years, and is one of the main suppliers of full-buffer/half-buffer complete solutions for DDR2 to DDR4 memory. In the process of continuous iteration of memory interface chips, Montage Technology is actively developing DDR5 memory interface chips, and has completed the research and development of the first-generation DDR5 RCD and DB mass-produced version chips that meet the JEDEC standard.

Shenzhen Hongxinyu Electronics Co., Ltd. is a hardware company dedicated to the R&D, design and production of storage technology. The company’s current leading products are embedded memory, mobile memory, integrated circuit main controller series three products. Its current products also occupy a certain market share in Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East and other places.

In addition to these manufacturers, the CITE integrated circuit exhibition area has also attracted many well-known enterprises in the industry. Everyone gathered here to showcase their latest products and technology trends for the industry, promote in-depth exchanges between industry professionals, achieve business cooperation, and promote the development of integrated circuits. .

During CITE 2021, the exhibition will also hold a series of forums, covering 5G+, information technology application innovation, Display technology, basic electronics and IC technology, big data technology and other sectors. At the same time, the forum will invite industry leaders to discuss the pain points of industry development and explore new opportunities for the development of the electronic information industry to promote the further development of the industry.

As the leading electronic information industry expo in China, CITE brings to the industry not only a platform for the latest products and technologies of the global electronic information industry, but also a vane for the development of innovative technologies.

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