For a period of time, “fan circle” fan groups have been tearing at each other and scolding each other, cheering on the list, and making rumors and attacks on the Internet. It has damaged the clear network ecology and adversely affected the physical and mental health of minors. The people have expressed strong reactions. In this regard, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China has decided to launch a two-month nationwide special campaign of “Clean-up and Rectification of Chaos in the ‘Rice Circle’” from now on.

This special action will focus on the prominent problems of the online “fan circle”, focusing on key links such as star lists, hot topics, fan communities, interactive comments, etc., and comprehensively clean up the “fan circle” fans tearing at each other and scolding each other. Opposition, insults, slander, rumor attack, malicious marketing and other types of harmful information, focusing on combating the following five types of “fan circle” chaotic behavior: first, inducing minors to support fundraising, high consumption, voting for rankings, etc.; second, Fans in the “fan circle” tore at each other and abuse each other, harass each other, spread rumors and attack, search for human flesh, invade privacy, etc.; the third is to encourage “fan circle” fans to compare and show off their wealth and extravagant pleasures; The fifth is to interfere with public opinion and affect the order of communication by “rubbing hot spots” and creating topics. During the period, a number of accounts and groups with bad influences such as inducing fundraising, rumor attacking, invasion of privacy, etc. will be closed and dissolved, and illegal accounts such as “fan circle” professional black fans, malicious marketing, and online navy will be strictly dealt with, and connivance and chaos will be dealt with severely. Like, unchangeable website platform.

The relevant person in charge of the Central Internet Information Office stated that the special action will adhere to the problem orientation, strengthen comprehensive policies and classified management, urge the website platform to effectively fulfill the main responsibility, further improve the community rules and user conventions, and focus on regulating the online activities of the participants in the “fan circle”. Behavior, rationally optimize the related functions of “fan circle” fans’ active products, strengthen the standardized management of star brokerage companies and fan groups, make concerted efforts to guide young people to rationally chase stars, explore the formation of a long-term working mechanism that regulates “fan circle” management, and promote The “fan circle” culture has achieved sound development and jointly created a civilized and healthy online spiritual home.

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