Yufei.com, July 29th, Beijing has launched the country’s first management policy for autonomous driving tests on expressways and urban expressways. Test verification.

Among them, Baidu and Pony.ai obtained the first batch of highway passenger vehicle test notices in the policy pioneer area, Pony Smart Card, Mainline Technology-JD. Approval of the highway road commercial vehicle test notice will be approved to carry out the pilot test.

“The traffic flow of this section of the road has been measured, and it is relatively low, and the impact on social vehicles is also small.” said Kong Lei, head of the Beijing High-level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone Promotion Group and deputy director of the Economic Development Zone Management Committee. , The initial test is arranged in the two lanes on the right in principle, and the test vehicle must meet the speed limit standard of the expressway, generally within 120 km/h for passenger cars and 80 km/h for commercial vehicles. At present, it will be required to avoid morning and evening peaks and extreme weather, and will be gradually released later.

This 10 kilometers is the “first section” of Beijing’s autonomous driving into the expressway. In the future, six 143-kilometer expressways and urban expressway sections will be gradually opened, namely: Beijing section of Beijing-Tianjin Expressway, Beijing section of Beijing-Taiwan Expressway, Beijing Daxing Airport Expressway, the connecting section of the South Fifth Ring Road (Daxing Airport Expressway – Beijing-Tianjin Expressway), the connecting section of the South Sixth Ring Road (Daxing Airport Expressway – Beijing-Tianjin Expressway), and the Daxing Airport North Line Expressway.

Kong Lei introduced that the entry threshold for autonomous driving high-speed testing is high. First, the company’s previous urban road mileage and test accumulation performance will be allowed to test on high-speed roads after evaluation. For commercial vehicle self-driving cargo demonstration, it is necessary to go through three test stages of vehicle cargo no-load, half-load, and full-load simulation tests, and the cargo demonstration application can only be carried out after approval. At the same time, only after passing the test of the specified mileage can you apply for automatic driving tests in special time periods and special weather scenarios.

During the highway testing process, the policy also requires that the test vehicles be equipped with front and rear accompanying vehicles in three stages, and the accompanying vehicles can only be removed after each stage is approved. At the same time, a variety of warning signs will be set up on the relevant test roads to remind the mixed social vehicles.

The new policy innovates the insurance guarantee mechanism, builds an insurance ecosystem that integrates insurance companies, enterprises and the government at multiple levels, establishes a risk sharing mechanism, and expands the underwriting capacity. Commercial vehicles must purchase traffic accident liability insurance of not less than 10 million yuan per vehicle, and submit the test subject’s compensation ability certificate.

In the future, Beijing will gradually open six 143-kilometer expressways and urban expressway sections, namely: Beijing-Tianjin Expressway Beijing Section, Beijing-Taiwan Expressway Beijing Section, Beijing Daxing Airport Expressway, and the South Fifth Ring Road Connecting Section (Daxing Airport Expressway-Beijing Section). Tianjin Expressway), the connecting section of the South Sixth Ring Road (Daxing Airport Expressway – Beijing-Tianjin Expressway), Daxing Airport North Line Expressway.

Beijing is a highland for the development of artificial intelligence and intelligent transportation, and it is also the first city in China to open and standardize road testing of autonomous driving. In 2017, Beijing issued the country’s first self-driving road test management rules. As of April 2021, Beijing had issued test licenses for 87 self-driving cars of 14 companies, and opened 200 social test roads with a total length of nearly 700 kilometers. , the safety test mileage exceeds 2.3 million kilometers, and various indicators are always at the forefront of the country. In April 2021, the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, based on the establishment of a high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone in Beijing, started the construction of a pilot zone for the Beijing Intelligent Connected Vehicle Policy, which will serve as the basis for the application of new products, new technologies and new models of intelligent connected vehicles. Promotion provides strong support.

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