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From April 9th ​​to 11th, 2021, the 9th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2021) will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the leading electronic expo in China, CITE2021 has been paying close attention to the development trend of the country and has opened a big data storage hall to showcase related industries. Database is one of the key technical factors for the development of the digital economy. Domestic databases are currently entering a critical transition period from secondary R&D based on international open source products to independent R&D.

Founded in 2007, MassData is the first domestic company to be listed on the Shanghai Main Board with a database as its main business, and it is a leading database technology company in China. For more than ten years, “solving user database problems” has been our mission, focusing on database product research and development, sales and services. After 8 years of iteration, the massive database Vastbase is fully suitable for various OLTP scenarios, and its performance is far ahead in the tests of domestic authoritative institutions. At this CITE2021, massive data will be unveiled at 1A015, introducing the data management system, and communicating and cooperating with industry enterprises.

Mass database G100 management system[Vastbase G100]

Vastbase is an enterprise-level relational database launched by combining massive data with the characteristics and requirements of application scenarios in various industries after years of ingenuity. It is deeply compatible with the Kunpeng+openEuler system, has high performance, high security, and is highly compatible with mainstream commercial databases, and is easy to use. Features. The system focuses on centralized database application scenarios, and is mainly used to replace traditional commercial databases with new business systems for users and domestic replacements.

Beijing Mass Data Technology Co., Ltd.: Serve customers as the primary purpose

Vastbase, a massive database, has added a large number of compatibility features for enterprise-level databases on the basis of its original functions, and has implemented substantial security enhancements in accordance with the EAL4+ standard to ensure data security and compliance. At the same time, it is equipped with a heterogeneous database migration platform AtlasDB EB. . In the test conducted by the Computer and Microelectronics Development Research Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (China Software Evaluation Center), Vastbase exceeded 1.39 million tpmC in the standard performance test of 100 warehouses and 500 concurrent in a national production environment, which is far behind similar products. Lead.

The research and development of database products is a field of high investment, long cycle, and high technical requirements. The competitiveness of database companies depends not only on the strength of the company itself, but also on the stability and competitiveness of the ecosystem in which it is located. As a firm practitioner of domestic databases, the goal of massive data is not to outperform friends, but to support each other in the ecosystem, give play to their respective characteristics and advantages, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and help the new evolution of domestic databases.

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Beijing Mass Data Technology Co., Ltd.: Serve customers as the primary purpose

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Beijing Mass Data Technology Co., Ltd.: Serve customers as the primary purpose

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Beijing Mass Data Technology Co., Ltd.: Serve customers as the primary purpose

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