binder adds extra security to circular connectors

binder adds extra security to circular connectors

binder has announced improvements to two of its circular connector series with increased security and safety as required by a range of applications.

With new locking clips, binder is now able to meet the increasing demand in the snap-in segment. The binder 620 and 720 Series are sub-miniature and miniature connectors designed for use in automation engineering and medical applications where there is a growing demand for fast-acting mating and other mating options.

While binder’s snap-in connectors have always provided a secure and reliable connection, these new locking clips have been designed for use where pronounced physical stress is present. An example is stress due to cable tension.

Equally important are applications where the connections cannot, under any circumstances, be interrupted either by unintentional or even unauthorised loosening. Examples here include suspended lights like those in streetlights, cable extensions in cable ducts as well as safety testing where users need reliable protection against accidental or malicious separation of the connection.

The locking clips have three snap-in lugs which provide the user with a clearly audible click when latched. For simple use, connecting and disconnecting is easily possible using one hand.

For even more security, the locking clips can be fastened using cable ties and importantly, the new accessory can be reused several times. The clips are available in black or white versions for clearer identification of the installation or to match a corporate identity or conform to the environment