According to the news on December 2nd, last night, the Honor mobile phone new product launch conference was held in Shenzhen, and the Honor 60 series products were officially released. Afterwards, BOE announced on its official website WeChat public account that BOE (BOE) has provided the flagship model of the digital series-Honor 60 Pro with a full-arc Display four-curved flexible OLED: streamer four-curved screen.

BOE officially announces the supply of Honor 60 Pro streamer quad screen

(Picture source BOE WeChat public account)

It is understood that this screen breaks through the bottleneck of the flat display of the four corners of the curved screen in the past. It is the first time in the industry that the four corners of the screen can be displayed. The four corners of the screen achieve the “visual hiding” effect, which further increases the screen ratio, and the display effect is fully upgraded. Bring users a brand new experience of design aesthetics and display effects.

At the same time, this Honor streamer quad-curve screen has a dual-frequency intelligent refresh rate mode up to 120Hz, supports 1920Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming, reaching the industry-leading dimming refresh level, while meeting the dynamic, clear and delicate image quality requirements and maximum Reduce the risk of eye injury caused by stroboscopic flicker of low-frequency dimming.

According to official data, the top black border of the Honor 60 Pro is 32% narrower than the iPhone 13, and the side black border is 43% narrower. A wider field of view is achieved through narrower black borders.

Earlier, it was reported that BOE has entered Apple’s supply chain and is expected to provide 18 million OLED displays for Apple this year, and will continue to provide about 50 million OLED panels for Apple next year.

As a global leader in the semiconductor display field, BOE’s industry-leading flexible display solutions such as folding screens, sliding screens, and full screens have covered many head terminal brands at home and abroad. BOE’s stable product quality and delivery capabilities have been recognized by many brand customers. The overall shipments of flexible AMOLED have continued to increase. In the first three quarters of 2021, approximately 40 million units were shipped, a year-on-year increase of nearly 65%. According to data from Sigmaintell, BOE’s flexible display shipments rank first in the domestic industry and second in the world. BOE is now a veritable leader in the domestic display industry.

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