Canon Medical Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Canon Medical”) recently announced the launch of the research and development of a rapid new coronavirus detection system and participated in the “basic research and development project of rapid diagnostic test kits”. It is part of the “Relevant Research on Diagnostic Methods of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19)” led by the Institute” (AMED).

Canon Medical provided emergency support and supply of rapid detection kits for Ebola virus to Guinea and Congo in 2015 and 2019 respectively; in 2018, Canon Medical’s Zika virus RNA detection reagent “Genelyzer KIT” obtained the manufacturing license , the results of related research and development in recent years have been widely praised. Therefore, in the face of the new coronavirus this time, Canon Medical also cooperated with Nagasaki University and participated in related research projects.

The new coronavirus RNA detection reagent developed this time is based on the “LAMP technology” 4 principles launched by Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd., and uses a small constant temperature amplification fluorescence detection device provided by Canon Medical to detect the virus. Compared with the original “real-time PCR technology”, this technology is more convenient and time-saving, so it is more suitable for medical first-line detection.

The Tokyo Olympics will be held in July this year. At present, Japan is dealing with the new crown pneumonia epidemic nationwide. Canon Medical hopes to contribute to ensuring the safety and security of the society through the development and implementation of the rapid detection system.


1. AMED homepage:

2. In 2015, when the Ebola virus broke out in many countries in West Africa, Japan accepted the invitation of the Government of the Republic of Guinea to jointly develop Ebola virus rapid detection kits by Nagasaki University and Canon Medical (then named Toshiba Medical), supplying For Guinea. ?

3. Product name: Zika virus RNA detection reagent Genelyzer KIT FGNK-0003A

License number: 23000EZX00035000

Through the research and development promotion project “Research on Comprehensive Countermeasures Related to Insect Host Virus Infectious Diseases with Risk of Invasion and Outbreak” (2016, 2017), Canon Medical and Nagasaki University jointly developed, In June 2018, the production and sales license was obtained.

4. Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP technology), a nucleic acid amplification technology developed by Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd.

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