Chang Cheng, vice president of Xiaomi Group, shared a video of himself during the live event, in which the origin of the name of the Snapdragon 865 was revealed.

Chang Cheng said that this is the first time in the world that the secret of the name of the Snapdragon 865 has been revealed, and Mr. Lei does not know, not even Qualcomm.

Chang Cheng revealed that the three numbers “865” have their origins, of which “8” refers to 8 cores. The Snapdragon 865 consists of one super large core + three large cores + four energy-efficient cores, and the CPU frequency is up to 2.84. GHz.

Not only that, “865” reads “568” in reverse, missing a number “7”, “7” refers to the Cortex A77 architecture, and the Snapdragon 865 adopts ARM’s latest Cortex A77 architecture.

Then there is “6”, “6” refers to “650”, which is the GPU Adreno 650 of the Snapdragon 865.

The last is “5”, “5” refers to the fifth-generation AI. The Snapdragon 865 brings the fifth-generation AI Engine, and the AI ​​performance is more than twice that of the previous generation of the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform. In terms of computing power, the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform that supports the fifth-generation AI Engine artificial intelligence engine can achieve an ultra-high computing power of 15TOPS (15 trillion operations per second).

Chang Cheng said that the performance of the Snapdragon 865 is very strong and requires a large-capacity battery to drive it. Therefore, the most suitable battery capacity of 865 is to add “4” in front of the three numbers of “865”, that is, “4865mAh”. The battery capacity of Xiaomi Mi 10 is 4780mAh, which is only 85mAh less than “4865mAh”.

Chang Cheng finally concluded that the Snapdragon 865+4780mAh constitutes the dream configuration of Xiaomi Mi 10.

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