On December 13, the “China 5G Economic Seminar” was held at the China International Economic Exchange Center in Beijing. The forum was hosted by Guojing Consulting Co., Ltd., and about 100 guests from government departments, 5G-related enterprises, related universities, research institutes and the media attended the meeting.

Zhang Xiaoqiang, executive vice chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, said: “5G is the main development direction of the new generation of information and communication technology and a new driving force for the high-quality development of China’s economy. The China Center for International Economic Exchanges hopes that the Chinese and foreign business circles and scientific and technological circles will cooperate with each other. Promote international exchanges and cooperation in 5G industry and science and technology with a more open attitude, so as to better achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results. To continuously improve the level of 5G, and to enable the development of 5G and related industries to better promote the economic and social development of various countries and benefit all countries The people also play an important role in promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the world.”

“China 5G Economic Report 2020” released! What are the new trends in perspective?

(Zhang Xiaoqiang, Executive Vice Chairman of China Center for International Economic Exchanges)

He Guili, vice president of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, said that since the official commercial use of 5G, the development momentum has been good, and its economic value and application prospects have received widespread attention from the whole society. China Academy of Information and Communications Technology will work with all parties in the industry to strengthen innovation cooperation, jointly solve key common problems in standards, network, security and other aspects in the development of 5G, and explore the formation of new formats and new models that can be replicated and promoted in industry applications. Provide strong support for industrial development.

“China 5G Economic Report 2020” released! What are the new trends in perspective?

(He Guili, Vice President of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology)

As a major participating company, Meng Pu, Chairman of Qualcomm China, said: “As an important industry enabler and industrial partner, Qualcomm is very concerned about the economic value and social benefits brought by technology. 5G will become a new round of high-tech in China. As the core engine of quality development, we are highly concerned about how 5G will create economic value for all walks of life in China and bring benefits to social development during the commercial process. We are very honored to cooperate with the two think tanks and present a report to all walks of life today. The Chinese version of the 5G Economic Report 2020 helps all industries to innovate faster and better on the road to 5G.”

“China 5G Economic Report 2020” released! What are the new trends in perspective?

(Meng Pu, Chairman of Qualcomm China)

In addition, the forum released the “China 5G Economic Report 2020” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”). Experts from China International Economic Exchange Center, China Economic Consulting Co., Ltd. and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology formed a joint research group. The research lasted for 5 months. Chuangda, Shencong Intelligent, China Huaneng Group and many other enterprises and research institutions conducted interviews and conducted in-depth research on this basis. The “Report” summarizes the 5G pioneer industry identifier, selects 5 pioneer industries, provides an in-depth look at the 5G pioneer industry from 5 perspectives, puts forward policy recommendations to promote the development of 5G-related industries, and summarizes 5 inspirations brought by the 5G economy.

(Zhang Jin, Researcher, Industrial Planning Department, China International Economic Exchange Center)

On behalf of the research group, Zhang Jin, a researcher at the Industrial Planning Department of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, released the core views of the report at the forum. According to the “Report”, the active promotion of the Chinese government, the attitude of consumers to embrace new technologies, the fact that China is the world’s largest 5G market, the start of industrial fund investment, and the international competitiveness of the 5G industry chain are the key factors for the development of China’s 5G industry. Advantage. In the process of 5G commercialization, there are also some challenges, such as communication technology supply and related industry communication need to be strengthened, 5G network construction and operators are facing new problems, it is difficult for ordinary consumers and industry users to see the long-term benefits and rewards of 5G, The market urgently needs to cultivate 5G compound high-end talents, and the supply of policy environment and the demand for 5G innovation should complement each other. The industry that can grow first is the pioneer industry. The 5G pioneer industry identifier extracted by the research team includes five elements: profitability, informatization level, rigid demand for 5G, consolidating the existing leadership position and challenging the demands of the industry’s existing hegemons. Based on this, five major industries including mobile terminals, pan-entertainment, industrial Internet, healthcare and automobiles were screened out. 5G technical support must bring service promotion and improvement to meet the needs of the industry, in order to realize value realization, and technology providers and network construction parties can only pay back, which requires policy support and guidance, business models and policy recommendations for 5G-related industries It is the focus and highlight of this research.

In the 5G era, operators are faced with severe challenges such as a large amount of construction capital, weak willingness to pay by C-end users, pipeline thinking and organizational models to be adjusted. 5G network construction is a gradual process. 4G and 5G will coexist in the next ten years. It is expected that 5G users will penetrate in 2025. The rate is 48%. The operator’s business model needs to be transformed. B2B2X is its profit opportunity. There are three options to achieve operating income. Success requires four core capabilities. The 5G application and network promotion model is advanced according to the roadmap that enhanced services are expected to take the lead, and promote 5G-related industry applications, infrastructure deployment and application development pilots in a point-by-point manner. It is necessary to promote policy improvement in terms of accelerating network construction, establishing industry standards, supporting industrial development, and responding to social problems. Profitability, common growth, gamification, overall planning, and globalization are the five inspirations from the research. 5G commercialization requires the joint efforts of many parties to create an innovative ecology that promotes the development of 5G economy and promotes high-quality development in the new era.

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