On November 20, 2019, China Telecom Beijing officially held the Beijing Medical Informatization Seminar in Beijing. The theme of this seminar is 5G, Yunqi Medical”. At the meeting, China Telecom Beijing officially released the telecom “5G + cloud + AI” smart medical solution.

China Telecom has been deeply involved in the medical industry in recent years, and officially released the medical cloud zone in August 2017. Relying on the advantages of Tianyi cloud resources covering the whole country, it serves thousands of medical regulatory agencies and medical institutions across the country. After obtaining the 5G license on June 6, 2019 , continuously accelerated the construction of 5G network, and carried out rich 5G application innovation practices in the medical industry.

Xiao Jinxue, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China Telecom Beijing Company, delivered a speech at the conference. Xiao Jinxue mentioned that 5G has endowed human beings with greater wisdom and capabilities, especially 5G + cloud + AI, which will build a brand new world. By the end of this year, China Telecom will achieve basic 5G coverage within the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing, and can also cover key areas outside the Fifth Ring Road. Due to the huge operating costs, indoor coverage will take a certain amount of time, but China Telecom has determined that for key areas and industries, the first priority is the medical and health industry. Xiao Jinxue believes that through 5G technology, ultra-high-definition video, etc., it can be realized that patients can run less and information can run more errands. Beijing Telecom will unswervingly invest more energy and funds in accordance with the requirements of the country and Beijing to truly contribute to patients and hospitals, empower smart medical care with 5G, and build a better life together.

Li Yuefeng, director of the Technical Standards Division of the Statistical Information Center of the National Health Commission, gave a report entitled “Construction and Application of Health Information Standards” at the meeting. Li Yuefeng gave a detailed interpretation of health and medical big data from the perspectives of concept, elements, composition, etc. He revealed that five group standards on health big data will be released next to guide the industry to do related application management of big data.

Li Yuefeng, Director of the Technical Standards Division of the Statistical Information Center of the National Health Commission

Ju Wensheng, director of the Information Center of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, interprets “Internet + Helps Medical and Health Upgrades”. Ju Wensheng mentioned that “Internet +” is the focus of the next step of health informatization. The Internet can improve the accessibility, convenience, professionalism and safety of medical services. In particular, 5G technology can support operations such as remote surgery. At the same time, he pointed out that the current The problems and challenges encountered, it is emphasized that Internet medical care needs the support of medical insurance policies and the real-time evaluation of effects should be strengthened, and it is necessary to continuously improve the endogenous power.

Xiang Huangmei, member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of China Telecom Beijing Company, shared the theme of the conference “5G Wings, Yunqi Medical”, and focused on China Telecom’s 5G + cloud + AI smart medical solutions. Xiang Huangmei pointed out that Beijing Telecom has been deeply involved in the medical industry for many years, and has served more than 100 medical customers by building a professional medical team. Xiang Huangmei emphasized that Beijing Telecom will focus on the medical industry and actively pave the way to build a medical special network. The cloud service is the cornerstone, and the application service is done well, and the efficiency of medical services and the sense of satisfaction of patients are continuously improved through the linkage of the network, cloud and application. Later, the Jishuitan 5G remote surgery case demonstrated the changes brought by 5G to the medical industry. It is very necessary to deploy edge nodes in hospital scenarios. Telecom will continue to cooperate with hospitals to explore together.

With the in-depth development of cloud-network integration, more and more hospitals have benefited. Ji Hong, director of the Information Management and Big Data Center of Peking University Third Hospital, gave a speech on the topic of “Make Full Use of Cloud Resources to Support the Rapid Development of Hospitals”. Ji Hong mentioned that the number of outpatient and emergency departments in the hospital is very high, and the average hospitalization day turnover is also very fast. cloud application. The Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University used the telecom cloud platform to create a multi-center distributed platform for scientific research, grouping, and imaging cloud, which improved efficiency and service level, and truly supported the rapid development of the hospital.

Zhong Guangzhen, Director of the Remote Center of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, shared the progress of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University in Internet + medical care. Zhong Guangzhen mentioned that the development of Internet + medical care should first encourage public hospitals to do it, different forms of Internet hospitals should be divided, and Internet medical care also needs a unified supervision platform. She believes that 5G is the most effective tool to facilitate telemedicine.

Today, China Telecom has built an end-to-end smart service system in the medical and health field, and will continue to provide users in the medical industry with full-process, all-round high-quality services. In the future, under the guidance of the full implementation of the Healthy China Strategy, and under the leadership of the National Health Commission, Beijing Health Commission and other government departments, China Telecom will continue to leverage the advantages of 5G + E-Surfing Cloud + AI, and work with medical institutions and industry experts to build More convenient 5G medical services will promote the development of medical informatization.

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