On January 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the “Announcement on the 2021 Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Factory Unveiled Rank and List of Excellent Scenarios”. “Man-machine collaborative operation” is to be selected as an excellent scene of intelligent manufacturing.

Platform interface

It is understood that “accurate operation dispatch” is to achieve the production management goal of intelligent manufacturing through MES+SCADA. With the data support provided by informatization, visualization and reality, it guides personnel to operate electronically, reduces operating errors, and ensures the consistency of the production process. Regulations, to achieve the full traceability of vaccine production. “Man-machine collaborative operation” is a combination of 5G technology, using the high stability of 5G signals and the use of sensing devices by AGV robots, laser navigation, and simultaneous use of QR code navigation to achieve precise positioning of dense storage. The use of AGV robots instead of manual handling of embryos and eggs reduces the economic losses caused by human-induced transfer or handling errors or the quality of vaccine products, reduces the workload of personnel, reduces tedious repetitive operations, and improves the cleanliness of the sterile workshop. degree, cleanliness.

Production site

As a network and technical service provider for “precise operation dispatching workers” and “human-machine collaborative operation”, China Telecom Hubei Company fully demonstrated the advantages and strengths of 5G networks and new technologies in the project construction. Taking this selection as an opportunity, China Telecom Hubei will further help the intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry, explore the standardization, modularization and precision of the best practices of intelligent manufacturing, and better promote the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

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