With the continuous development of CNC lathe manufacturing technology, it has formed a wide range of products, the fineness of products required by customers, and the difficulty of becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, in order to process better products, our CNC lathes are also constantly updated and iterated. , What are the classifications of CNC lathes that we usually come into contact with? The following is a detailed introduction to the different categories of CNC lathes:


One. Classified by lathe spindle position

1. CNC vertical CNC lathe

Vertical CNC lathes are referred to as CNC vertical lathes. The main shaft of the lathe is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and a circular worktable with a large diameter is used to clamp the workpiece. This type of machine tool is mainly used to process large and complex parts with large radial dimensions and relatively small axial dimensions.

2. CNC flat-laying CNC lathe

There are generally two types of flat-bed control lathes. One is the horizontal flat-bed lathe and the inclined type. Why should it be divided into the inclined type? Because inclined CNC has great rigidity and is conducive to cutting processing, so inclined CNC lathe has certain advantages.


two. Classified according to the basic types of machined parts

1. CNC chuck type CNC lathe

The characteristic of the chuck type CNC lathe is that because the lathe does not have a rear seat, most of the clamping methods when cutting the disc lamp parts of the lathe are controlled by electric or hydraulic control, and the structure of the chuck is generally well adjusted. Claws.


2. CNC top CNC lathe

For this kind of lathe, the tail part has a tailstock, which is generally ordinary or numerical control. This kind of lathe cuts relatively long rods when machining parts.


three . According to the classification of the tool holder

1. Single tool holder CNC lathe

This classification mode is divided from the tool post, and the single tool post CNC lathe is a common lathe with a single tool post. These single tool posts have a four-station or eight-station tool post. Its characteristic is simple and practical. Easy to operate.


2. Double tool post CNC lathe

This kind of CNC lathe is a CNC lathe with double tool rests. Generally, the configuration of this type of CNC lathe is that its double tool rests are arranged in parallel, or some are arranged vertically. Its operation mode is slightly more complicated than that of a single-tool holder CNC lathe.