The surface coloring technology of CNC stainless steel processing surface treatment has several main functions, and unexpected results can be obtained in practice.

Surface polishing is a method of grinding the surface of stainless steel plates by mechanically or manually grinding materials. Surface polishing has the effects of polishing, mirror, mercerizing, sandblasting, etc. According to surface effects, tools and methods are different. Grinding tools include sandpaper, emery cloth, magic wheel, polishing belt, grinding wheel and so on. In the polishing process, many abrasive grains are equal to the stainless steel plate, which has a variety of hardness, machining and trimming, so as to achieve the purpose. aircraft


Atmospheric mirror effect and fine polishing and polishing, the surface of the stainless steel plate after polishing with a hard or hard polishing wheel can get out of the rough surface of the surface. Fine polishing is used to further process and polish the surface, remove traces left after pre-polishing, and obtain a bright mirror.


The mercerizing effect is the process of obtaining decorative silk and satin finishes by installing brush wheels on the grinder.

The effect of sandblasting is made of compressed air sand or particles on the abrasive surface, glass particles and other stainless steel plates, making it a beautiful, slightly rough sand surface.


Surface etching and etching are spots and undulations corroded by chemical acids. The specific method is as follows: First, apply a layer of asphalt on the surface of the stainless steel metal plate, and then design particles on the surface of the asphalt. Corrosion is part of the processing of stainless steel plates. It can be corroded in the following ways. Corrosion can be regarded as the size of the workpiece, and the corrosion of chemical acid solution is selected. Generally speaking, immersion corrosion is chosen for small projects. Chemical acids are very corrosive and must be protected during corrosion.


Surface mount technology has a long history, including gem-set gold inlays. This article introduces the process of embedded gold coloring, also known as gold and silver, which is first expressed on the surface of stainless steel sheet, embedded in thin films such as gold and silver wires or soft materials of stainless steel metal sheet. , Then grind and level. The effect is very delicate and beautiful.


Surface forging is also developed from ancient forging technology. On the surface of CNC stainless steel processing plate, hammers of different shapes are used to form different point textures and laminates, which are very decorative.