With the rapid development of smart phones, consumers are replacing mobile phones more and more frequently, and many people will sell their old mobile phones. However, if the old mobile phone is not handled properly, it is likely to become the source of personal information leakage. Recently, many media reported that there is a risk of personal information leakage in second-hand mobile phone transactions. Especially in today’s popular mobile payment, the leakage of old mobile phone information will affect personal integrity and even cause personal property losses.

People have low awareness of the hidden dangers of old mobile phone information and are eager to “get rid of them”. Mobile phones are consumer goods that are replaced very quickly. Many people are eager to exchange for some practical items, such as kitchen knives, washbasins and other items, without considering the security or safety of personal information after the mobile phone is broken. However, behind the recycling of old mobile phones, there are many problems such as personal information leakage. Relevant departments have lax management on the recycling of old mobile phones, and the protection of personal information is “inappropriate”. In the second-hand mobile phone market, there are situations in which the professional qualifications of recyclers are not up to standard, and the recycling operation of old mobile phones is not standardized.

Therefore, the “old mobile phone leaking information” cannot be turned a blind eye. Mobilize resources from various sources, expand publicity channels, and raise the awareness of the public about hidden dangers in information security. Innovate the form of publicity, give full play to the role of major websites, TV, newspapers, mobile phones and other media, combine online and offline, effectively increase the education of consumers on personal information security knowledge, further improve the awareness of personal information security risks, and improve the whole society. Ability to identify sales calls, spam text messages, scam calls, etc. Relevant departments have joined hands to standardize the operation process of recycling old mobile phones and increase the punishment of violators. The disclosure of personal information of second-hand mobile phones is included in the overall category of information protection. For the clues of illegal and criminal crimes found, severe punishment will be given, which will have a sufficient deterrent effect. At the same time, clarify the professional qualification standards for recyclers and the standardized process of recycling operations. It is also recommended that consumers choose formal acquisition platforms and stores when selling old mobile phones.

“Old mobile phones leak information”, not only by reminding mobile phone users to take precautions, but also by inter-departmental linkage and social participation, forming a strong synergy to fight crime, jointly managing the crisis of old mobile phone leaks, effectively blocking the source of citizens’ personal information leakage, so as to protect citizens Mobile phone use is safe.

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