Compact IRLEDs enable face recognition in mobile devicesTwo infrared LEDs (IREDs) from ams Osram now not only enable user identification via facial recognition in laptops, but also slim displays because, with a lens, they measure 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm x 1.71 mm.

ams Osram offers the IREDs in two wavelengths – 850 nanometers (SFH 4171S) and a 940 nanometer version (SFH 4181S).

With the SFH 4171S, the customer benefits from the high sensitivity of the infrared cameras in this range. The SFH 4181S avoids the so-called “red glow,” which the human eye perceives as red flickering.

Both products are installed in the  Oslon P1616 package. Despite their small size, the two IREDs deliver optical power of 1150 mW at 1 ampere and a beam intensity of 680 mW/sr.

The special primary optics bundle the light at a beam angle of 35°, improving per-formance values and making it easier for the infrared camera to take high-quality images.