From January 6th to 7th, 2022, Microsoft Ignite China, Microsoft’s annual IT event, is coming. Microsoft Ignite China not only combines more than 90 new or upgraded technologies and services released in Ignite around the world, but also fully demonstrates local release highlights and case practices. At this conference, Digital China deeply analyzed the long-term exploration and thinking in the practice of digital transformation, and looked forward to the future development trend of digital transformation.

Digital transformation is an all-round transformation

At present, digital technology is having an unprecedented impact on the whole society. The innovation of digital technology has become one of the main driving forces of economic development. Digital transformation has become the only way for enterprises to change the original value chain and create new business value.

Digital transformation is not just the use of digital technology, but requires a comprehensive transformation of the enterprise. At the same time, digital transformation will also break the traditional boundaries between enterprises and industries. “Cross-industry integration” and the new hyper-connected business model have become the new normal of digital transformation.

Wang Bingfeng, Chief Strategy Officer of Digital China Group and President of Digital China Cloud Business Group, said that the hyper-connected business model requires enterprises to become more agile, resilient and adaptable to face rapid changes and huge uncertainties, and structuring these Capability requires IT digital technology as the cornerstone, enabling enterprises to take into account current innovation and future changes.

Based on the deep understanding of this change, Digital China is committed to helping customers carry out digital transformation starting from digital strategy consulting, cloud-native IT capabilities, and data-native based on business data value, while focusing on cloud-native, digital-native, and scenario innovation. , and continuously deepen the strategic business layout.

Join hands with Microsoft to continue to deepen digital cooperation

Based on subscription cloud products, Digital China and Microsoft also maintain in-depth cooperation in cloud services, digital solutions and other fields, and continue to expand cooperation areas.

As early as 2013, Digital China Cloud Corner became the first batch of partners certified by Azure in China. In the past 8 years, Digital China has witnessed the various stages of Microsoft Cloud’s implementation, iteration and innovation in China, and has cooperated with Microsoft. Together, we helped the first customer of Azure China migrate from the data center to Microsoft Azure PaaS, and has won relevant awards such as Microsoft’s Best Cloud Business Partner for 6 consecutive years.

Zhu Zhu, Vice President of Digital China’s Cloud Business Group, introduced in the “Partnership on the Cloud” that after years of cloud service practice, Digital China can not only provide customers with MSP work such as cloud consulting, planning, migration, operation and maintenance, and optimization, but also It is also leading customers to transform and reshape cloud-native applications, escorting customers’ entire life cycle of cloud migration. In order to establish an ecosystem, Digital China has also conducted hundreds of cloud business trainings for customers and Microsoft partners, helping customers in multiple industries to realize digital and cloud applications in various application scenarios, and won the Microsoft Best Training Partner Award .

Collaborative innovation MSP accelerates cloud landing

Of course, for digital transformation, operations and maintenance, business, and management on the cloud are still a systematic project. Cloud access, cloud use, and cloud management still face a series of complex problems. The value of cloud MSP is in the process of digital transformation. increasingly prominent.

Cloud MSP can provide professional cloud consulting, planning, transformation, migration, implementation, and operation and maintenance management full-process cloud services for enterprise users, and can easily solve all cloud access, cloud use, and cloud management problems for enterprises. As a leading cloud and digital service provider in China, Digital China has actively deployed in the MSP field.

Yu Xiaodong, Vice President of Digital China Cloud Business Group, said that the MSP business launched by Digital China provides digital solutions for industry customers, including public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud management solutions, helping customers to quickly expand their business to the cloud, allowing customers to Continue to focus on business innovation instead of focusing on IT construction.

Looking forward to the future, Digital China will focus on industry solutions, multi-cloud, application modernization, cloud security and other fields, carry out more cooperation with Microsoft, develop more products and solutions based on the Microsoft platform, and jointly solve the last mile problem of customers’ cloud landing.

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