CNC lathes are the mainstream machining equipment for machining now. Why do we use CNC lathes for processing in many factories now? Because it has many processing features that people like, it must be incomparable to ordinary lathes in the past of. So what advantages does it have? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and characteristics of CNC lathes in detail below:

First, the characteristics of CNC lathes

CNC lathes are developed on the basis of ordinary lathes. The processing of CNC lathes has characteristics that ordinary lathes can’t match. The following is a detailed introduction.


1. Short transmission chain

Compared with ordinary lathes, CNC lathes no longer change the mechanism with motor→belt→gear, but the horizontal and vertical feeding are driven by two servo motors to drive the movement of the tool holder, and do not use wheel pendants, clutches The transmission components and transmission chain are significantly shortened.


2. High rigidity

In order to match the high precision of the CNC numerical control lathe system, the numerical control machine tool has high rigidity and is suitable for high-precision machining.


3. Drag slightly

The tool post moves through a pair of ball screws, so that the friction is small and the movement is light. The support at both ends of the lead screw is a special bearing, the pressure angle is larger than the ordinary bearing, and is selected from the factory; the lubrication part of the CNC lathe is automatically lubricated with oil mist, and these measures make the CNC lathe slightly move.


2. CNC lathe processing characteristics

1. High degree of automation

It can reduce the operator’s physical labor intensity. The CNC machining process is automatically completed according to the input program. The operator only needs to start adjusting tools, loading and unloading workpieces and changing tools. During processing, the machine can be observed and supervised. However, due to the high technical content of CNC machine tools, the operator’s mental labor intensity increases accordingly.


2. The machined parts have high precision and stable quality.

The positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools are very high, making it easier to ensure batch consistency. As long as the process design and procedures are correct and reasonable, and the operation is meticulous, the high precision and easy processing of the parts can be guaranteed. Quality control of the refined process.


3. High work efficiency

When CNC machining can handle multiple surfaces in the tensioning operation, but generally there is only the first inspection part, so many normal processing intermediate processes, such as layout, size, etc., reduce auxiliary time and maneuvering time. Due to the stable quality of CNC machined parts, it brings comfort to subsequent processing, and the overall efficiency is significantly improved.


4. Faster innovation

NC lathes usually do not require too many equipment and complex processes. The preparation and processing procedures can be a complex shape, and high-precision parts are processed by machining. When product transformation and design change, you only need to change the program without redesigning the process equipment. Therefore, CNC machining can significantly shorten the product development cycle and provide shortcuts for new product development and product improvement and modification.


5. Suitable for modern management

The tools and standardized and modern accessories can be used in CNC machining. CNC lathes use digital signals and standard codes as control information to facilitate the standardization of processing information. Its design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) organic integration assistance is the foundation of modern integrated manufacturing technology.