The modern data center is an incredible engineering feat, combining computing and network systems with lighting, power, and environmental control. All elements work seamlessly together to support the data network we rely on every day. Like all complex systems, they require careful design, construction, and maintenance. Careful planning and thorough testing are indispensable throughout the construction, commissioning, and operation phases.

Ensure uptime

Reliability and uptime are always the top priorities for data center operators. Many mission-critical services rely on running 24 hours a day, and any service interruption may have a huge impact on the enterprise and basic services. Customers increasingly demand challenging SLAs, and uptime of 99.99% or higher is rapidly becoming an industry standard. Regular testing and effective system monitoring greatly reduce the risk of failures and subsequent downtime, but it is often challenging for operators and contractors to access the right equipment at the right time.

Ensure normal operation and reduce risks in data center testing

Most of the basic testing work is done by experienced contractors. At E-Lai Chu, we know that meeting the contract points is crucial for them, and missed deadlines usually result in huge fines. Failure to obtain the correct equipment may be the main risk of contract delivery, and inferior equipment may cause delays and produce low-quality test data. By optimizing test procedures, improving speed, accuracy, and completing the project on schedule, these risks can be greatly reduced.

Yilai Reserve’s tailor-made equipment leasing solution allows you to use the latest testing technology quickly and flexibly, helping to ensure that you achieve contract nodes and avoid costly project delays. We have a complete inventory of power and network equipment, and can quickly deliver the required equipment to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Debugging is the key

Like other critical infrastructure data centers, data centers are always running online, so rigorous testing before starting up can ensure stable operation in the next few years. Each system is tested during the installation process, but it is also important to test the entire operation before starting up to understand its overall operation-this is an essential debugging stage.

However, commissioning creates an urgent need for test equipment, which poses a special problem for the contractor, because many additional test instruments are needed in a short period of time (usually only a few weeks). Equipment leasing is an ideal tool to meet this demand, so contractors do not have to hold expensive and underutilized equipment inventory.

Ensure normal operation and reduce risks in data center testing

Optimize testing to reduce risk

Leasing solutions can also deal with more challenges. For example, if a project is behind schedule, the contractor can usually rent additional equipment to shorten the test time without affecting the quality of the test. Leasing also ensures that the latest testing technology is available in a flexible manner to suit the needs of any contract or project.

Many leading equipment manufacturers, including VIAVI, Fluke, and EXFO, provide cloud-based systems that centrally store and manage test data. Combined with tools for analyzing test results, these useful solutions reduce the risks associated with managing test data, and can greatly improve efficiency and save valuable time for test engineers. By storing all test data in one place, they can also easily show customers the full picture and show the performance against SLA.

Ensure normal operation and reduce risks in data center testing

Customers can also have exclusive access to the MyER website portal of Yi Lai Chu. This enables them to manage all equipment lease contracts and assets online, thereby directly controlling their leased assets. They can view all contracts in one place, request calibrations and quotes, assign test assets to projects, and even add assets they own.

Why rent?

Ÿ Flexible use of the latest testing technology

ŸQuick delivery to meet the project schedule

ŸHave a comprehensive inventory of leading brands

ŸHigh-quality service and support throughout

Partners help build the data center of the future

The most effective way to reduce test risk is to let test procurement partners understand your technical needs and provide access solutions to meet your timeline. As we have established long-term cooperative relationships with the world’s leading test equipment manufacturers, we are able to provide comprehensive leasing inventory and independent advice throughout the life cycle of the data center. We help reduce the risks of inherent project and contract delivery so that our customers can focus on building the data center of the future.

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