[Introduction]During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the development of China’s Electronic information industry is facing new situations and new characteristics. The situation, while bringing new application prospects, also puts forward an urgent need for strategic advanced electronic materials. The 10th China Electronic Information Expo (hereinafter referred to as “CITE 2022”) aims to provide users and enterprises with connectivity services. It will kick off on May 17, 2022 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

Baode focuses on government, finance, education, Anping, manufacturing and other industries, and has targeted the creation of independent security, high-availability and excellent performance terminal equipment, servers and customized solutions based on China’s “chips”, such as digital government, Smart finance, “New Engineering” series of educational solutions, etc. As one of the important enterprises driving industrial reform and economic and social development, Baode will also appear at the expo.

Exhibitor Information | Baode brings a full line of self-improvement products and related solutions to CITE2022

It is reported that Baode will bring its full line of self-improvement products and related solutions to the conference, including desktops, laptops, general-purpose servers, AI servers and other domestic processors based on Feiteng, Loongson, Zhaoxin, Kunpeng, Shengteng Ascend intelligent manufacturing solutions, etc., focus on displaying its latest progress and achievements in the field of localization.

At the exhibition site, the Baode self-improvement desktop PT620Q+, which will be highlighted, is built on the basis of an 8-core, 2.3GHz main frequency processor, providing efficient processing capabilities. It not only supports independent, secure BIOS and secure trusted modules to protect users’ private data and information, it can not only meet the application in professional fields, but also easily cope with various commercial environments such as government office, enterprise application, audio-visual entertainment, etc.

In addition, Baode Shengteng Intelligent Manufacturing Solution is a one-stop delivery, efficient and effective solution based on the powerful intelligent computing capabilities of Ascend AI basic software and hardware, which is specially designed to address the pain points of low quality inspection efficiency, poor flexibility, and insufficient precision in the manufacturing industry. Inspection, quick line change, out-of-the-box “turnkey” AI quality inspection solutions, dedicated to bringing AI into every production line. In terms of function, it can complete various quality inspection tasks such as device installation, labeling, scratching, gluing, etc., realize the intelligence and traceability of product quality inspection, improve the efficiency and accuracy of quality inspection, and the accuracy rate can reach 99%+!

R&D and innovation have always been the first driving force for the development of Baode. It has completely independent R&D and on-demand customization capabilities from the board level to the whole system. It is the first manufacturer in the industry to launch fully modular computer products. Provide a wide range of Xinchuang products from desktops, notebooks, all-in-one computers, thin clients to servers, storage, etc., and have the ability to provide full-stack solutions for various industries. In-depth market research and market insight, actively launch new products that solve the pain points of localization, and quickly respond to market demand.

Great achievements should be made in the new year. This year is exactly the year of Baode’s industrialization of “self-improvement” brand building. Through event marketing, Internet promotion and user market, the brand awareness and recognition of “self-improvement” will be improved in an all-round way, and the “self-improvement” reputation will be gradually established. With brand influence, promote business development. At the same time, the self-improvement terminal plan has been officially launched, and the domestic terminal product line, mainly desktop computers, notebook computers, all-in-one computers, smart screens, etc., has been continuously improved. Joint enterprises jointly build a joint laboratory for scenario-based adaptation to help users accelerate the process of switching products for their own use. Let domestic IT products enter every unit and every household, and make domestic brands become real national brands!

Exhibitor Information | Baode brings a full line of self-improvement products and related solutions to CITE2022

The 10th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2022) has an exhibition area of ​​100,000 square meters. The exhibition field closely follows the industry focus, and integrates into new exhibition fields according to real-time industry hotspots, covering smart home, smart terminals, 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, the first Three generations of power semiconductors, IC design, ultra-high-definition video, 3D glass cover, semiconductor Display, AR/VR, AI+ digital twin, robotics, consumer electronics, big data and storage, Internet of Vehicles, autonomous driving, sensors, cross-border ecology , fuel cells, charging technology, industrial Internet, information technology application innovation, basic components, special components and other hot topics.

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Exhibitor Information | Baode brings a full line of self-improvement products and related solutions to CITE2022

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Exhibitor Information | Baode brings a full line of self-improvement products and related solutions to CITE2022

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