As the largest third party in China, a new generation of information technology infrastructure service provider for 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, industrial Internet, blockchain and other fields, GDS is based on 20 years of experience in operating more than 70 self-built data centers , Innovatively created the first generation of Smart DC, and handed in a future-oriented “answer sheet”.

In Changshu City, which is only a hundred kilometers away from the center of Shanghai, GDS’s new-generation ultra-large-scale data center park has landed. What is amazing is that the delivery of the first phase of 1,000 cabinets took only 3 months, and the overall construction cycle was shortened by 30%.

The construction period is a very important evaluation indicator for data center service providers, especially in the digital economy and even meta-universe era, we need to achieve a high degree of simulation of the real world in the virtual world, and the stable operation of this virtual mirror world depends on In the huge data calculation and storage. From this perspective, the construction speed of data centers even directly determines the construction speed of the “digital world infrastructure”.

But speed is not the only indicator for evaluating data centers in the new era. IDC is a typical industry that uses strong energy. With the explosive growth of data volume, there is also power consumption. How data center service providers should respond to the “carbon neutral” vision and achieve sustainable development reflects their long-term value and social responsibility.

At the same time, data centers often require long-term operations. How to improve the value of data centers in the entire life cycle, help customers improve operational efficiency and bring ultimate energy efficiency and security, is also a direction that needs to be continuously explored. The answers to these questions describe what the next-generation data center should look like.

As the largest third party in China, a new generation of information technology infrastructure service provider for 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, industrial Internet, blockchain and other fields, GDS is based on 20 years of experience in operating more than 70 self-built data centers , Innovatively created the first generation of Smart DC, and handed in a future-oriented “answer sheet”.

More importantly, this “answer sheet” is not just a paper talk, but a real implementation in Changshu.

The IDC industry’s “complete vehicle delivery” solution will be in 2021, and the IDC industry will face many new challenges.

On the one hand, the challenge comes from the ever-changing market structure. For example, CapitaLand acquired Shanghai’s ultra-large-scale data center for 3.66 billion yuan; Baoneng Chuangzhan acquired five data centers of Dr. Peng for 1.65 billion yuan; GLP also spent 6 billion to acquire 51% of Shanghai Longrui…Industry mergers and acquisitions The tide is rising. At the same time, Internet giants such as ByteDance and Kuaishou have successively built their own data centers, becoming giant “catfish” that disturb the industry.

The challenge on the other hand comes from changes in data center energy input, hardware architecture and even operating systems. Take energy input as an example. Nowadays, many data centers continue to increase the proportion of renewable energy use. However, renewable energy power generation is intermittent and fluctuating, but data centers have stable power loads and extremely high requirements for operational stability. , It is not easy to ensure sufficient large-scale supply.

In order to meet these challenges, GDS has adopted a prefabricated and agile delivery model, combined with in-depth customization, soft and hard collaborative electromechanical products, and integrated green new energy technology solutions such as liquid cooling, energy storage, and hydrogen energy, as well as best operational practices. The BMS system, supplemented by digital and white-box system tools, successfully built the first generation of Smart DC as the overall optimal solution for the data center.

In the view of Liang Yan, senior vice president of GDS Design and Operation Center, Smart DC has the characteristics of soft-hardware coordination and subversion of tradition, which is so similar to the current hot smart cars. Therefore, the first-generation Smart DC overall solution provided by GDS is just like the “complete vehicle delivery” as the smart car manufacturer calls.

Why do the most extreme, efficient, agile and green solutions rely on the “complete vehicle delivery” model to provide? Liang Yan gave an interesting example: some companies do best in air-conditioning and refrigeration, but putting this air-conditioner in the car is not necessarily the best, because the car is not only air-conditioning, but involves the coordination of multiple systems. And linkage.

“The work of horizontal pull-through must be done by the automaker. For the same reason, GDS also has to jump out to make overall solutions, do collaboration, and become the next-generation data center Smart DC.” Liang Yan said, “Data center is a In a long-term, asset-heavy, and strong-operational industry, today’s design and planning for the combination of software and hardware determine whether the data center can truly be used well in the next ten or even twenty years.”

Yi Bin, Vice President of GDS Technology, also said: “Through diversified product portfolio and integrated innovation, providing users with the ultimate service is the core value of the first generation of Smart DC, and it is also the original driving force for GDS to build technical barriers.”

Based on this, around the core business of green low-carbon, agile delivery and intelligent operation, GDS has launched the first-generation Smart DC Turbo, D-Pre, X-BP three series of products, to build a zero for customers using new technologies. The carbon data center, prefabricated digital construction and delivery, and full-stack intelligent management create the ultimate experience.

Three rulers for measuring IDC’s future Green, low-carbon, agile delivery and intelligent operation can be said to be three rulers for measuring IDC’s future.

Green and low-carbon: “walking on two legs”

In terms of green and low carbon, GDS pursues the principle of “walking on two legs”. One leg is the way to optimize the energy structure, including the layout of new energy supply, the purchase of green power, etc… Since 2019, GDS has begun to participate in green power transactions, and the proportion of green power usage (excluding the inherent municipal power) will be from 2019 Below 10%, it will increase to more than 20% in 2020, and it is expected to reach 30% in 2021.

The other leg needs to tap the potential of energy conservation and emission reduction from within the data center, that is, through the management of the entire life cycle of design, construction, and operation and maintenance, and the use of advanced management and technical means to fully improve energy efficiency.

At present, GDS aims to build a zero-carbon data center, focusing on exploring and practicing new energy architectures and new technical solutions such as liquid cooling, energy storage and hydrogen energy, forming Turbo series products, realizing user value enhancement, and providing future growth drivers. For example, Turbo-E lithium battery energy storage products can integrate multiple technologies to tap the potential value of different models and create an energy storage system that truly meets the data center scenario + security level.

Agile delivery: use “modules as building blocks”

In terms of agile delivery, GDS has built D-Pre series suitable for various types of buildings based on its full life cycle digitization capabilities, which can realize the standard modular design, prefabricated production, standardized assembly and white box maintenance of the four square cabins. Create fast and high-quality, standard replication, flexible expansion and precise and transparent value.

To put it simply, this is actually a way of “building blocks” with pre-made “modules”. We might as well take the architectural analogy. Each building may have different lengths, but there must be some universal designs. For example, the bedside table in the bedroom can be the same, and the supporting things in the table are the same, and the surroundings The wiring of the pipeline and the network routing can be the same…

And for an overall solution provider like GDS, the more it needs to do is to formulate rules. The rules are placed in the rule library. The supplier will make a lot of packages according to the rules. As long as the plan is optimized in advance, it can be done when there is a project. Choose directly from the package library to combine.

Of course, the modular theory is not enough. The key to the efficient implementation of this program lies in the efficient coordination of the entire supply chain. In the delivery process of a traditional data center, the design, construction, and operation of the data center come from people from different companies. The information is not transparent and the coordination is poor. Most of the time is wasted. GDS has also done a lot of work in this regard to eliminate information islands, promote collaboration across the entire chain, and achieve extremely efficient delivery.

Smart operation: Bring ultimate energy efficiency and safety assurance

After the completion of the data center construction, it often needs to go through a long-term operation, which is also the stage to truly practice its value. Based on best operating practices and self-developed software and hardware collaboration, GDS has formed the X-BP series of products, creating a more understanding of the electromechanical system of the data center, realizing full-stack intelligent management, optimizing TCO, and bringing ultimate energy efficiency and security.

For example, the Changshu data center of GDS has fully integrated the ROCC regional operation command system, and cooperated with the “expert system + AI technology” to coordinate and optimize, realize the automatic driving of L3 data center operation, and obtain the results in the aspects of operation, energy efficiency and safety management. Greatly optimized.

Always pursuing the long-term principle. On November 30, 2021, GDS released its first ESG report, proposing the vision of “green and smart infrastructure connected to a sustainable future”, and became the first domestic company that promised to achieve both carbon neutrality and 100% carbon neutrality by 2030. % Data center companies using renewable energy.

As a typical energy-intensive industry, IDC has clearly stated that there are only a handful of companies that are carbon neutral and use 100% renewable energy. The reason is obvious. Companies need to make a lot of effort and cost to implement green promises. How to balance cost and Social responsibility is a difficult problem.

However, GDS has always pursued long-termism, which means looking at the development of the industry from a long-term perspective, not entangled in a certain order, not limited to short-term investment, but forging all sustainable development capabilities ——That’s why we will see the layout of GDS in renewable energy, green power trading, Southeast Asia, platform layout, and even the layout of talent diversification…

This is a kind of long-termism, and it is also a kind of “heroism” for companies to give back to the society. The Internet era has boosted the development of the IDC industry and created the rapid growth of GDS, making it the world’s leading third-party data center. Therefore, GDS also wants to become an excellent corporate citizen and feed back the society at an appropriate time.

In the future, GDS will continue to increase research and development efforts, further improve core products and solutions, continue to explore new technological directions, and work with more partners to promote the high-quality development of the industry, and finally realize the “green and intelligent infrastructure connection”. A beautiful vision of the future.

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