Fairchild Semiconductor   KSE45H8TU


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Manufacturer Part Number: KSE45H8TU
Brand Name: ON Semiconductor
Pbfree Code: Active
Ihs Manufacturer: ON SEMICONDUCTOR
Package Description: FLANGE MOUNT, R-PSFM-T3
Manufacturer Package Code: 340AT
ECCN Code: EAR99
HTS Code: 8541.29.00.95
Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor
Risk Rank: 1.36
Collector Current-Max (IC): 10 A
Collector-Emitter voltage-Max: 60 V
Configuration: SINGLE
DC Current Gain-Min (hFE): 60
JEDEC-95 Code: TO-220AB
JESD-30 Code: R-PSFM-T3
Number of Elements: 1
Number of Terminals: 3
Operating Temperature-Max: 150 °C
Package Body Material: PLASTIC/EPOXY
Package Shape: RECTANGULAR
Package Style: FLANGE MOUNT
Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel): NOT SPECIFIED
Polarity/Channel Type: PNP
Power Dissipation-Max (Abs): 50 W
Qualification Status: Not Qualified
Subcategory: Other Transistors
Surface Mount: NO
Terminal Form: THROUGH-HOLE
Terminal Position: SINGLE
PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor, 1000-TUBE