“The general public must strictly adhere to the prevention and control measures such as scanning code, temperature measurement, wearing masks, less gathering, and one-meter noodles, and do not flow unless necessary…” On December 31, 2021, at the exit traffic card point of Fengxiang Expressway, “Cloud “Speaker” is broadcasting the latest tips on epidemic prevention and control to passing vehicles and drivers.

Fengxiang: “5G + application” builds “smart prevention and control network”

Under the superposition of multiple effects of networking, informatization, and digitalization, the use of information-based products such as “cloud speaker” and “cloud monitoring” has allowed data to travel more and work efficiency has been greatly improved. “Only through a mobile phone APP, you can use the ‘cloud speaker’ for recording playback or real-time shouting, and quickly convey the epidemic prevention and control policies and guidelines to every corner.” Zheng Wenbin, a staff member of China Telecom Fengxiang Branch, told the author that at Fengxiang Expressway “Cloud horns” for epidemic prevention and control have been installed at the exit traffic card points and at the junctions of many districts and counties such as Qishan and Fengxiang.

The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. China Telecom Fengxiang Branch deployed in accordance with the requirements of the provincial and municipal companies, and quickly formed a vanguard of party members to participate in the epidemic prevention and control in the region.

In the hall of Fengxiang District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, the staff can intuitively see the traffic flow and people flow in and out of Fengxiang through the large screen. “5G + smart applications” such as “cloud speaker” and “cloud monitoring” are the work of epidemic prevention and control in the whole district. Provides strong technical support. “The access to the private network, the installation of telephones, and the provision of cloud computers have greatly facilitated the work of the headquarters and improved work efficiency,” said Dai Zhen, a staff member of the Fengxiang District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters.

It is understood that China Telecom Fengxiang Branch gives full play to the role of the vanguard and main force of communication enterprises, Communist Party members charge the front line, and technology empowers epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, the company provides free phone bills and traffic support for staff involved in epidemic prevention and control, free call card business for government units, video conference support for the headquarters, and Internet access and monitoring services for each card point. To prevent and control the epidemic, build a “smart prevention and control network”.

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