NJR (New Japan Radio) NJU8759A Filterless Class-D Amplifier, available now from Mouser, is an analog signal input monaural amplifier that operates from a single power supply of 1.8V and 1μA maximum standby current. The device is ideal for small portable devices and portable audio devices.

The amplifier provides class-D operation with a high output capability of 1.7W output (8Ohm load) and 3W output (4Ohm load). The BTL output configuration can decrease the coupling capacitor, and the output LC filterless architecture lessens external parts and PCB size.

The device is offered in an eight-pin HSOP8 1.45mm x 1.45mm wafer-level package with exposed pads for heat dissipation.

Typical applications include security equipment, portable equipment, and portable audio devices.