GaN laser driver has LVDS logic inputs

Called EPC21603, its inputs are LVDS (low-voltage differential signalling) compatible – allowing it to be driven by an FPGA in applications where noise immunity is critical.

The similar chip, the single-ended input EPC21601 was introduced last month. “This family of GaN integrated circuits will continue to expand to higher currents, higher voltages, as well as furthering integration of additional control and logic features on a single chip,” said EPC CEO and founder Alex Lidow.

GaN laser driver has LVDS logic inputsDesigned to run from 5V (5.5V abs max) on the low side, the EPC21603 is fast – able to operate at >100MHz and deliver pulses <2ns (minimum input pulse width is typically 2.5ns. Maximum times are :4.5ns turn on delay, 4ns turn off delay and 600ps drain fall time.

Although rated for 40V abs max, the drain is specified to work between 10 and 30V. With less than 10V on the drain, the device gets significantly slower, turning off in 100μs. On start-up “for applications where the laser voltage is below 10V, it may take a few pulses before the pulse width stabilises,” according to the data sheet.

Packaging is 1 x 1.5mm chip-scale BGA.

Application is expected in time-of-flight (ToF) lidar within robotics, drones, 3D sensing, gaming and autonomous cars.

EPC9156 is a matching development board, which ships with the EPC9989 interposer board – a collection of break-away 5 x 5mm interposer PCBs with footprints for different lasers, RF connectors and experimental loads. No laser diodes or other loads are included.

Both IC and board are available from Digi-key.

The EPC21603 ic product page is here and the EPC9156 dev board is here

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