Mouser has announced a global distribution agreement with Raydiall Automotive. Through the new agreement, it expands its interconnect portfolio to provide a range of Raydiall’s USCAR-qualified FAKRA and automotive high-speed data connectors.

The FAKRA cable connectors now available include R3C straight and R3C 90-degree connectors in turnable housing versions, compatible with RG316, RG174, RTK, RG58, and RG59, RG59 mini, 1.5 DS cables. The stamped and rolled cable connectors are automation-friendly with an interface-positioning-
guaranteed design, preventing pin stubbing or petal opening issues. These connectors provide a patented one-step crimping terminal that allows a multipoint crimping stage in a single operation, enabling a notably faster and more reliable process while decreasing wire installation time.

Its FAKRA PCB connectors are offered in 90-degree and 180-degree variants. The 90-degree connectors provide nose orientations in the 3, 6, 9, or 12 o’clock position. The connectors support frequencies up to 4GHz, with 50Ohm impedance and a 1000megaOhm minimum insulation resistance. The 180-degree connectors are lightweight, RoHS-compliant connectors that carry frequencies up to 3GHz with a 50Ohm impedance. Both variants are constructed with stamped and rolled technology and comply with pick-and-place processes. The HSD PCB 90-degree connectors with 100Ohm impedance and 100V voltage rating provide kinked pins to stop tilting of the connectors throughout the assembly onto the PCB. Its FAKRA and HSD headers are compliant with lead-free reflow soldering (and, in some cases, with wave soldering).