The OSLON Pure 1010 is ideal for use in spotlights for retail lighting, where exceptionally compact LEDs with high light output are required to bathe the articles on display in a particularly attractive light. This range of LEDs are available now from RS Components.

The scalability of the LEDs offers customers exceptional flexibility in assembling their individual lighting solutions. With best-in-class Color-over-Angle, the LED facilitates a customised, very high-density clustering giving the best Center Beam Candela Power and Cd/W.

The new LED joins the 1010 family aimed at the professional indoor, retails and special lighting segment where high flux density is essential. Due to their small LES and high-density clustering options, customers can customise colour spectra to specific project requirements.

The LED is now available in different colours – PC Red, PC Green, True Green, Cyan and Deep Blue.