Infineon Technologies AG has extended its easy-to-design EiceDRIVER X3 Compact (1ED31xx) and the highly flexible EiceDRIVER X3 Enhanced Analog (1ED34xx) and Digital (1ED38xx) gate driver families. These families now provide variants with excellent reinforced isolation for higher application safety and long operating life. The new family members are VDE 0884-11 certified. With 8mm wide-body packages, the families are ideal for applications with demanding isolation needs including industrial drives, UPS, solar systems, EV charging and other industrial applications.

The versatile family offers driving currents of 5.5A, 10A and 14A and optimised propagation delays of 90ns. The family also incorporates a Miller clamp that is highly recommended for SiC mosfet 0V turn-off. With these options, the 1ED31xx is ideal for high switching frequency applications, IGBT7 and power switches with voltage ratings up to 2300V.

The families provide precise and adjustable DESAT, as well as further configurable parameters based on I2C. This supports high flexibility in designs and lessens hardware complexity and evaluation time. Moreover, the built-in monitoring functionality facilitates predictive maintenance.

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