CNC lathes are the most used machine tools of all types. Before operating the winch, you must fully understand the safety practices and knowledge about maintenance and lubrication of the winch, and be able to operate and independently maintain the surroundings. We must formulate the habits of safe production and civilized production, cultivate good professional ethics, and strict labor discipline.

The power supply to the winch is 380 volts. When the CNC lathe rotates the workpiece, the spindle and the workpiece rotate at high speed. When the CNC lathe comes into contact with the workpiece, iron filings are generated. Pay attention to safety, and personal injury caused by minor accidents, so the safe operation of the winch is particularly important.


Before turning on the CNC lathe, make sure to verify that the part of the winch is in good condition, and if the position and handling changes of each handle are correct, if the car is damaged due to a sudden impact during driving, and start the CNC It is necessary for the spindle of the CNC lathe to be lowered. Run at idle speed for 1 to 2 minutes to spread every demand for lubricant, and wait until the CNC lathe functions normally. If you need to change gears around the spindle, you must stop and then switch gears. In addition, the staff must wear work clothes. Wear safety goggles when cutting workpieces at high speeds. Lesbians should wear work hats.


In the process of processing the workpiece on the CNC lathe, the operator’s head should not be too close to the workpiece, you should not wear accessories such as rings, gloves, or hand-brake rotating chuck, rotating the grid while rotating The door is not a workpiece for measurement. It is not allowed to touch the surface of the workpiece with your hands. Once the processing power of the entire machine tool is turned off, and a special hook is used to remove the remaining iron filings during the cutting process.