Recently, it is reported that Hubble, a subsidiary of Huawei, has invested in high-end excimer laser technology manufacturer Beijing Keyi Hongyuan, which means that it is actively participating in the lithography machine industry chain and hopes to contribute to the domestic chip manufacturing industry chain and promote domestic production. The chip industry chain realizes independent development.

Huawei’s end to solve the problem of domestic chip manufacturing industry chain

Due to well-known reasons, Taiwan’s TSMC cannot continue to produce chips for Huawei after September 15, 2020. Originally, SMIC in mainland China was able to produce chips for Huawei, but at this time it was discovered that SMIC also needed American technical materials and equipment support cannot produce chips for Huawei’s foundry.

In fact, SMIC has already faced the problem of being held by the neck of European and American chip manufacturing equipment companies. After SMIC has recruited former TSMC senior technical talent Liang Mengsong, it has continuously conquered 14nmFinFET and 7nm processes in more than two years, but at this time SMIC is facing the problem of EUV lithography machine supply. ASML, the only EUV lithography machine in the world, has not been able to supply EUV lithography machine after receiving SMIC’s payment for well-known reasons.

At this time, all parties in China realized that in order to achieve independent chip manufacturing, in addition to chip manufacturing companies themselves must work hard to develop advanced process processes, they also need to cooperate in the chip manufacturing industry chain to realize independent research and development of the entire industry chain to truly realize the chip manufacturing process. Independence.

Huawei’s end to solve the problem of domestic chip manufacturing industry chain

At present, there is a large gap between China’s chip manufacturing industry chain and Europe and the United States. It is reported that Shanghai Microelectronics, the leading domestic lithography machine, has put into production 90nm lithography machine. This has a large technological gap with ASML, which is about the same as its technology more than 10 years ago. In addition to the limited technology of Shanghai Microelectronics itself, the result is also related to the light source supplier.

The Keyi Hongyuan invested by Huawei this time is a laser light source supplier. Keyi Hongyuan is the first laser light source supplier in China and the third in the world. The laser light source is one of the important core technologies of the lithography machine. Only by providing a sufficiently advanced laser light source can we develop a technologically advanced EUV lithography machine, and develop 7nm and more advanced processes for the country.

Huawei’s end to solve the problem of domestic chip manufacturing industry chain

Huawei is still squeezing out funds to support the development of the domestic chip manufacturing industry chain even when its own business is facing difficulties. It can be seen that this company is committed to promoting independent chip manufacturing technology, and it is also a leader in domestic independent chip technology. It develops The chip represents the most advanced technology in China.

After several years of development, China’s DUV lithography machine has made great progress. It is reported that it is because of the progress of China’s DUV lithography machine that ASML suddenly supplies DUV lithography machines to China, which also proves that China To achieve the development of chip manufacturing technology, it is first necessary to be self-reliant. With Huawei and many other domestic companies supporting the development of the domestic chip manufacturing industry chain, it is believed that China’s chip manufacturing technology can one day keep up with the pace of the world.

Huawei’s end to solve the problem of domestic chip manufacturing industry chain

Looking back at the development of China in the past few decades, after the reform and opening up, China mainly relied on the way of processing materials to develop Chinese manufacturing, and then Chinese manufacturing gradually promoted technological upgrading. After more than 30 years of development, China finally became the world’s largest manufacturing country in 2010. China has also gradually got rid of the situation of relying mainly on low-end manufacturing, and the proportion of high-tech in China’s export products has gradually increased.

Baiming Technology believes that China will also carry forward the spirit of hard work in the chip manufacturing industry. With the efforts of all parties in China, it will finally achieve independence and get rid of its dependence on foreign chip manufacturing technology.

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