HyperRAM to be integrated with Apollo4Winbond, the Taiwan memory producer, is collaborating with Ambiq, the MCU and real-time clock specialist, to combine Winbond’s HyperRAM and Ambiq’s Apollo4 SoC to deliver system chips for IoT endpoints and wearables.

Several customers are in design with Ambiq’s Apollo4 and Winbond 256Mbx8 HyperRAM Hybrid Sleep Mode (HSM), with volume production expected in 2022.

HSM power consumption claims to be about 50% compared to normal standby mode.

The Apollo4 hardware/software solution is purpose-built to allow battery-powered endpoint devices to achieve a higher level of intelligence without sacrificing battery life.

Adding HyperRAM can further reduce power and allow for faster delivery of high-resolution graphics.

HyperRAM features:

  • 256Mb HyperRAM operation frequency: 200MHz/250MHz
  • 256Mb 30 ball WLCSP: 13 signal pads for x8 and 22 signal pads for x16
  • Available in a variety of form factors of AIoT end product, including 24BGA, WLCSP, and KGD
  • Sizes available from 32Mb to 256Mb