According to reports, recently, Tianyi Music Culture Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom, issued the “Announcement on the Comparison and Selection of Metaverse Virtual Person Customization and Content Production Projects in 2021”. The project funds have been implemented. Inviting interested parties and those who have provided the subject matter are specially invited. Potential candidates with the ability to participate in the election. According to the announcement, the purchase content is “Meta Universe Virtual Digital Human Production”. According to data, Tianyi Love Music Culture Technology Co., Ltd. exclusively operates products, platforms and services related to China Telecom’s music content, with more than 200 million users.

Comment: As a necessary incarnation for anyone to enter the virtual world, a new generation of human-computer interaction platform under the trend of intelligence, virtual humans are an important part of the meta universe. The agency pointed out that the application of virtual people in news media, e-commerce live broadcast, education, cultural tourism and other fields is in the ascendant. Overseas giants focus on the infrastructure construction of virtual humans, and domestic leading companies are more focused on the development and content application of AI technology. With the continuous advancement of technology, more application consumption scenarios are expected to emerge in the future.

Wanda Software (603189) has a prominent leading edge in the development of mobile Internet audio and video. It cooperates with its subsidiary Shiwei Technology to develop virtual digital human services. Related solutions have already landed projects. China Telecom is an important customer of the company.

Fangzhi Technology (300235) has carried out many years of technical research in the direction of virtual digital humans, and has applied for a number of related invention patents, and has cooperation with China Telecom.

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