Intelsat announces compact FlexMaritime 45cm antenna class

Pictured above are 45cm terminals from KNS and Intellian, which are now qualified on the FlexMaritime network, which provides data speeds of up to 6 x 2 megabits per second (Mbps). They come with a choice of separate or integrated Antenna Control Unit (ACU) and an ST Engineering iDirect modem.

The antennas are small enough to hand carry aboard vessels and easy to install, says the company, and will enable “everything from accessing real-time online weather forecasts to live streaming the ‘catch-of-the-day’ on social media”. Connectivity is provided by the network, which delivers global coverage through 140 satellite beams.

“Our new 45cm antenna class on FlexMaritime is a new, highly innovative offering in the maritime market,” said Intelsat Director of Maritime Products Shane Rossbacher. “By combining new 45cm antenna technology with the FlexMaritime global HTS satellite network, we have enabled smaller commercial and recreational vessels to easily, and affordably, access the same great connectivity using a smaller and cost-effective antenna form factor.”

“With Intelsat’s new FlexMaritime 45cm antenna class, users will experience unmatched performance with ubiquitous coverage wherever they go, enabling even more vessels around the world to take advantage of the high-throughput capabilities of Intelsat’s global network,” added Rossbacher.

Sea trials were conducted earlier this year onboard the Esvagt Innovator, an emergency response and rescue vehicle.

The KNS C4 qualified in January 2020, and the Intellian V45C qualified in January 2021.

Intelsat announces compact FlexMaritime 45cm antenna class

Pictured above: Intelsat and Seasat A/S tested the new Intelsat FlexMaritime 45cm service onboard the Esvagt Innovator earlier this year.