KAMIC announces acquisition of Talema Group

KAMIC announces acquisition of Talema Group

KAMIC has announced that it has acquired the Talema Group, a leading manufacturer of magnetic components such as transformers, toroids, inductors and chokes with associated design work.

The majority of components are developed specifically for bespoke customer applications but standard components are also offered. Talema’s customers are found across a broad spectrum of sectors where the most important include logistics and warehousing, freight and transport, audio, and renewable energy.

Founded in 1975, Talema has its registered office in the USA but operational management is based at the head office in Donegal in north-west Ireland. The company has its own production facilities in the Czech Republic and India. Sales are conducted through own sales offices in the USA, Germany, Czech, India and Ireland as well as a global network of agents and distributors. Talema has approximately 750 employees and annual sales of about €12 million.

“Talema is a highly respected global player with strong skills in the design, development and production of magnetic components. They have an experienced and powerful management and the company’s customer base and geographic presence provide an ideal complement to our existing business in this area. Talema therefore is ideally placed to be a valuable addition to our corporate group,” said Fredrik Celsing, President and CEO of KAMIC Group.

Talema’s current management team will remain with the company as a unit within KAMIC Group’s Magnetics business area.