Recently, Keysight Technologies held the annual event Keysight World 2020 in Shanghai. The theme of the conference was “Innovate Next”, and many industry leaders, partners, customers and innovators were invited to gather together to deepen the Discuss the latest trends in the industry, accurately target design and testing trends, and share cutting-edge technological innovation hotspots, covering 5G design and deployment, automotive electronics and new energy vehicles, cutting-edge research, high-speed digital and information security and many other technical fields.

At the meeting, Zheng Jifeng, general manager of Keysight’s Greater China market, pointed out that new technological developments are bringing new opportunities to Keysight. These new development opportunities include 6G, quantum computing, automotive electronics, and new space.

Zheng Jifeng, General Manager, Greater China, Keysight Technologies

For example, he said: “It is predicted that the field of wireless communication may bring a market opportunity of more than 3.6 trillion US dollars in the next 15 years. For IoT (Internet of Things), there may be more than 100 per second in the future. Opportunity access to the Internet of Things. And quantum information, in the future, the investment will reach the level of more than 10 trillion US dollars.”

This year is the first year of large-scale commercial use of 5G, and network openness has become a new trend. A long time ago, Keysight joined O-RAN, an organization that advocates network openness. Keysight Technologies wireless application technical support manager Gu Hongliang said that in the 5G era, the open network concept was proposed by the Open-RAN organization, which provides unified technical standards and constitutes an open network based on SDN (software-defined networking) and NFV (network function virtualization). The network, the open network has its advanced nature, but the implementation of the test level has increased the difficulty. Because each manufacturer only does part of it, there are multiple devices and different devices in a network, and the test environment is much more responsible than before. In response to this situation, Keysight’s solution is to sink in the internals, and proposes a solution to each 5G network. A test plan for a device or node (called a component) can eventually be integrated to complete a network-wide test. Gu Hongliang emphasized that Keysight is the only manufacturer that has solutions for each component in the 5G network.

Hongliang Gu, Technical Support Manager for Wireless Applications, Keysight Technologies

As one of the commanding heights of next-generation technology development, 6G technology also has a layout. Zheng Jifeng said that 6G can bring us a new experience, perhaps higher speed, or ultra-low latency, ultra-large-scale IoT, and possibly heterogeneous services. However, the realization of 6G will obviously not be smooth sailing, and higher requirements are put forward for modules, chips or system design.

In August 2019, Keysight Technologies announced as a co-founding member of the multi-party 6G flagship program, which is strongly supported by the Academy of Finland and led by the University of Oulu, Finland, to promote new wireless communication technologies beyond 5G Research to prepare for the future 6G landing.

In terms of quantum computing, it is also one of the focuses of future scientific and technological development. Zheng Jifeng pointed out that in the future, if we use quantum search algorithms, it can successfully crack almost all of our passwords today, because its computing power is very powerful. . To this end, Keysight Technologies has acquired two companies, Labber Quantum and Signadyne, which have greatly completed its testing solutions in quantum information through mergers and acquisitions. Not only that, Keysight has also established a dedicated quantum information research and development team near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Lincoln Laboratory.

In terms of automotive electronics, Keysight also chose to make arrangements in advance.Zheng Jifeng said that two years ago, Keysight Technology acquired Scienlab, a company specializing in testing solutions for new energy vehicles.

German technology about new energy vehicle testing solutions. At the same time, Keysight has established new energy and automotive electronics customer solution centers in four cities around the world, namely Michigan in the United States, Boblingen in Germany, Nagoya in Japan, and Shanghai in China.

Du Jiwei, Marketing Manager of Automotive and New Energy Testing Solutions at Keysight Technology Greater China, said that Keysight Technology needs to help customers build a complete laboratory, starting from the planning of air conditioning, cooling systems, and sewer systems, to the completion of the entire laboratory. Detech should participate in the whole process to ensure that the customer’s power battery testing process is flawless, and also reduce the labor input of the customer’s self-built laboratory.

Du Jiwei, Marketing Manager, Automotive and New Energy Testing Solutions, Keysight Technologies Greater China

Of course, there is also the new space. Zheng Jifeng said that in the future, the number of satellites launched in space may increase exponentially compared with today. In the future, there may be tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of satellites orbiting the sky above the earth, truly realizing the so-called integration of heaven and earth. It can also bring opportunities.

At the meeting, Keysight also took this conference to show the media the excellent products of Keysight this year, including the 8-in-1 MXR series oscilloscope, the signal analyzer MXA and network analyzer PNA/PNA, which have always been at the leading level in the industry. -X’s latest breakthrough.

The most important new product launched by Keysight in 2020 is the MXR multi-function oscilloscope, which combines eight instruments including oscilloscope, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, digital voltmeter, frequency meter, function generator, frequency response analyzer and real-time spectrum analyzer. All in one. According to Huang Teng, Digital Test Product Manager of Keysight Technology Greater China, digital products are going wireless, and the combination of time domain and frequency domain analysis is becoming more and more popular. In the past, digital engineers were good at analyzing time domain equipment, but lacked frequency domain analysis. MXR’s integrated real-time spectrum function solves this problem, providing digital engineers with a pan-signal analysis device that can easily span from the time domain to the frequency domain.

Teng Huang, Digital Test Product Manager, Greater China, Keysight Technologies

The Fault Hunter function is also integrated on the MXR. The waveform refresh rate can reach up to 200,000 times per second, which can greatly reduce the dead time of the oscilloscope. By capturing more continuous data, it is very convenient to catch the problem waveform. Aiming at the problem that it is difficult to set trigger conditions for capturing problematic waveforms, Fault Hunter also optimizes the trigger settings, so that users can easily set trigger conditions and quickly capture the desired waveform.

At the meeting, Zheng Jifeng emphasized the importance of innovation. He pointed out that DeTech has now invested in the research and development of emerging technologies such as 6G mobile communication technology and quantum computing. At the same time, Keysight also attaches great importance to emerging technologies such as quantum computing. Keysight has always maintained corresponding R&D investment for continuous innovation.

Leading the future with innovation, Keysight is embracing the next wave of technology.

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