On January 8, LEWITT released the brand’s latest flagship microphone LCT 1040 in the Chinese market, which has won wide attention from audio enthusiasts. Founded in Vienna, Austria in 2010, Levitt is one of the fastest growing microphone brands in the world. Since its inception, Levitt has made it a brand mission to advance the development of microphone technology and bring the recording workflow to a whole new level.

Ten years of project establishment, in-depth exploration of user needs in the audio industry

Currently, Levitt is very popular and well-known in professional recording studios in Los Angeles, Vienna, Berlin, Atlanta, Nashville, etc. After entering the Chinese market, Levitt has also developed new products such as STREAM 4×5 sound card, IDOL multi-purpose microphone, and In-Ear in-ear headphones according to the preferences and usage habits of Chinese users. In recent years, with the rise of live broadcast celebrities such as Li Jiaqi and Simba, the Levitt brand has also gained a great penetration rate in the live broadcast industry.

As a classic brand born in Austria, Levitt has been focusing on promoting the development of the audio industry with innovation. The flagship microphone LCT 1040 released this time is mainly used in professional recording studios. Microphone System Development Project”. Since the establishment of the project, Levitt’s R&D team has done a lot of research on sound and audio workflow. After synthesizing the research results, it defines the product design and product features, and works closely with the global audio community, world-renowned audio engineers and music producers. The prototype was tested in a real environment in many well-known recording studios around the world, and received valuable feedback and suggestions, and continued to refine and upgrade the prototype, and finally decided to release this flagship work in 2022. The R&D team is full of confidence in this new product: “We independently developed test equipment, broke through various technical limitations, extensively tested prototypes around the world, and finally delivered to users, it will be a team that can realize what they want. to the microphone of the voice.”


LEWITT released the world’s latest flagship microphone LCT 1040 in China

More Advanced Microphone System – Levitt LCT 1040

Concentrated on polishing, just to deliver the perfect sound

The LCT 1040 has been optimized and polished by the R&D team at the Austrian headquarters for more than ten years. There are four different full analog tube sounds: clear, warm, deep and saturated. Whether it’s strong rock vocals, soothing jazz, or roaring guitar playing, it’s easy to find the right tone. In addition, the LCT 1040 is also equipped with a precise field effect Transistor circuit, which can be seamlessly integrated with the valve circuit to create a mixed tone, and even achieve dual outputs, that is, a field effect transistor tone output and a mixed tone output, allowing users to Get the sound you want.

In order to integrate and manage such a wealth of functions, the design team has developed a matching and convenient remote controller to achieve seamless directional control. Users can complete the settings of various parameters of the microphone without leaving the workbench, freely adjust the required timbre according to the working environment, and experience a completely different recording experience from before. The Levitt R&D team believes, “Only relying on this microphone, users can adapt to the requirements of different sound sources, different recording scenarios, and different styles in the recording studio, which will greatly improve the user’s work efficiency and greatly reduce the cost of use. I believe LCT The 1040 will become the main microphone of the recording studio and the treasure of the new generation of town stores.”


LEWITT released the world’s latest flagship microphone LCT 1040 in China

Studio Core Configuration – Adapting to Different Sound Sources

As a world-renowned microphone brand, Levitt is winning the support of more and more professional singers and mass consumers with its innovative spirit. In 2017, Levitt’s spokespersons Justin Stanley and Supa Dups successfully won the 59th Grammy Awards nominations for several popular competitions this year, which has greatly improved the brand’s popularity in the circle. The new generation of Faroese singer-songwriter Eivör has also used Levitt’s professional equipment to sing many times during his world tours. In Levitt’s view, the real value of a top microphone is to let more people discover the charm of the user’s voice. Whether it is a singer or an ordinary person, as long as they dare to express, Levitt will be their best partner. Levitt has always believed that for the entire audio industry, innovation is very important on the premise of respecting traditions. In the future, we will be committed to developing new competitive products based on user needs.

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