[Global Times Comprehensive Report]”The uprising is over!” The German newspaper Die Welt reported on the 12th that the ruling party, the CDU, and its sister party, the Christian Social Union, passed a document on Tuesday not to prohibit China’s Huawei from participating in the construction of Germany’s 5G network. “Following the UK, Germany has also decided not to ban Huawei” has attracted the attention of Western media.

The current federal government of Germany is composed of the Union Party and the Social Democratic Party, of which the Union Party is composed of the CDU and the Christian Social Union, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is affiliated with the CDU. Le Monde said the position paper was aimed at allaying doubts that dissidents in the two sister parties saw Huawei as a national security threat, and laying the groundwork for Merkel’s grand coalition government to take a common stance on 5G. The document argues that Germany should not impose a separate ban on any company when building its latest superfast network. “A country with sufficient resources can penetrate the network of any equipment manufacturer. Even with a comprehensive technical inspection, security risks cannot be completely eliminated – at best, they can be minimized.” The document recommends that the German government take measures against foreign suppliers. Stricter safety regulations. “Deutsche Welle” said on the 12th that Merkel and other German government officials have been opposed to banning Huawei, while a group of pro-American lawmakers led by the head of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee Rottgen demanded that Huawei be banned, and the differences of opinion between the two sides were eliminated. , is an important step forward in this discussion.

Reuters said on the 11th that the release of this document shows that Germany has rejected the voice of the United States calling on its allies to ban Huawei, after the British government also officially announced that it will not ban Huawei 5G, and the EU also supports all Huawei’s actions based on rules. “Voice of America” ​​quoted the analysis of Jacob Kirkgard, a senior researcher at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in the United States, on the 11th, saying that Germany’s decision may have a significant impact on other EU countries. Political influence aside, Germany accounts for the EU’s 5G market. The fact that about a 30% share is “enough for EU operators to follow”.

At present, only Australia among the major Western powers has clearly stated that it follows the United States and prohibits Huawei from participating in the construction of its 5G network. Canada’s “Globe and Mail” said on the 11th that the Canadian government has not yet made a decision on the issue. However, the country’s latest poll shows that about 56% of Canadians support a ban on Huawei, a 13% drop from 2019.

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