On January 11, the first meeting of the 15th People’s Congress was held in Wuhan. In the government work report, Wuhan Mayor Cheng Yongwen said that in 2021, Wuhan is expected to increase its GDP by more than 12%, and the expected target for 2022 is to increase by 7.5%.

The global economic recovery is constrained by various factors such as the epidemic, and the downward pressure is increasing, testing the “hard power” of Wuhan’s economy. Cheng Yongwen used “returning to the main track” to describe the development trend of Wuhan in the post-epidemic recovery stage. The work report of the Wuhan Municipal Government shows that in the past five years, the GDP of Wuhan has ranked among the top ten cities in the country, and the per capita GDP has exceeded 20,000 US dollars. In 2021, the proportion of added value of high-tech industries in Wuhan will increase to about 26%, and 345,000 university graduates will study in Wuhan for employment and entrepreneurship.

Wuhan has vigorously enhanced its scientific and technological innovation support capabilities, and the establishment of the Hubei Donghu Comprehensive National Science Center is off to a good start. In 2021, the construction of East Lake Science City will be fully launched, 7 Hubei laboratories will be put into operation, 3 major scientific and technological infrastructures and 2 national key laboratories will be successfully approved.

At the same time, Wuhan vigorously promotes industrial transformation and upgrading to stimulate the vitality of reform and opening up. In 2021, 309 Fortune 500 companies will be invested in Wuhan. China Three Gorges Corporation relocated to Wuhan, 20 headquarters including China Power Construction Equipment Group settled in Wuhan, and was approved as a dry port-type national logistics hub, with a net increase of 2,200 high-tech enterprises.

In 2022, Wuhan’s main development goals include: a 7.5% increase in regional GDP, 220,000 new urban jobs, a 3% increase in consumer prices, and a reduction in energy consumption to achieve the provincial goals.

It is worth noting that after Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places have written the Metaverse into the government development plan, Cheng Yongwen pointed out in the work report of the Wuhan Municipal Government that Wuhan should accelerate the growth of the digital industry and promote the Metaverse, big data, cloud computing, block Integrate blockchain, geospatial information, quantum technology, etc. with the real economy, build a national new-generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot zone, and build 5 digital economy industrial parks including Xiaomi Science and Technology Park.

In addition, Wuhan will comprehensively promote the construction of East Lake Science City, and support 7 Hubei laboratories in scientific research. Build 10 benchmark smart factories, 100 digital production lines, and create a group of service industry clusters of 10 billion yuan. Cheng Yongwen introduced that in the post-epidemic development of a new track, Wuhan needs more than ever to strengthen its primary driving force for innovation.

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