As the industry adopts the latest generation of PoE technology to manage data and power on a single Ethernet line, users need to integrate pre-standard powered devices with IEEE 802.3bt-2018 compliant devices within their existing Ethernet infrastructure. work with new powered devices. To accommodate this change, Microchip Technology Inc. has introduced IEEE 802.3bt-2018 compliant PoE injectors and midspans for users and Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) chipsets for system developers . These products enable pre-standard and IEEE-compliant devices to connect to 90W power without changing switches or wiring.

Microchip Introduces New Power-over-Ethernet Products to Solve Interoperability Challenges in 90W Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Cabling

“As a system and chipset supplier, Microchip was involved in the development of IEEE 802.3bt-2018 and all its major reference standards,” said Iris Shuker, Business Unit Manager, Power over Ethernet (PoE) at Microchip. “As a result, we are well positioned to provide convenient Migration path, plug and play to meet the power needs of 30-90W devices.Our PSE chipset products combine extensive interoperability with firmware upgradeability, building on Microchip’s 15 years of proven technology, for Users are provided with a unique architecture. With this architecture, users no longer need to redesign the system board and build separate product lines for the manufacture of pre-standard and IEEE-compliant devices. The PSE chipset is also IEEE 802.3bt- compliant The heart of the 2018 standard PoE injectors and midspans. These PoE injectors and midspans solve interoperability issues for users.”

In 2018, Microchip launched many self-developed solutions that support Universal PoE (UPOE), power over HDBaseT (PoH) and other specifications. These solutions can meet the higher power requirements of dual-pair and quad-pair powered devices such as self-service terminals, POS terminals, thin clients, 802.11ac/ax access points, small cells, smart buildings, industrial automation systems, and connected LED lighting. need. During this period, Microchip also introduced a PSE chipset that implements the widely recognized PoH four-pair power supply standard for 95W powered devices. Now, Microchip is the first to introduce IEEE 8023af/at/bt chipsets that help pre-standard switches interoperate with new products compliant with the IEEE 802.3bt-2018 standard. IEEE 802.3bt compliant products from Microchip include:

PoE injectors and midspans:

After deploying a single-port or multi-port solution between powered devices and existing switches, users can power both pre-standard powered devices and IEEE 802.3bt-2018 compliant powered devices at the same time, regardless of the ratio of the two devices how.

The family includes single-port and multi-port models and also supports new IEEE 802.3bt compliant switches to power pre-standard powered devices.

PSE Chipset and Auxiliary Powered Devices:

·The unique design of the PSE chipset provides support for dual- and quad-pair systems using a single-board design with scalability while achieving balanced heat dissipation throughout the system. It provides all the necessary management and control functions to create the most interoperable PSE device in the industry, provides 90-99.9W of power per port, and supports up to 48 IEEE 802.3bt Class 3 (Class 1-6) and Category 4 (Class 7-8) application ports.

· Previous pre-standard PSE designs based on Microchip’s 6th generation PSE chipsets can be upgraded to IEEE 802.3bt with a software update without changing hardware.

MOSFET-based IdealBridge double-diode full-bridge rectifier is used on the receiving side of PoE connection, which can avoid the influence of reverse polarity on the receiving equipment, and reduce power consumption while providing IEEE 802.3bt class 4 class 8 power supply , space and cost.

Availability and Pricing

The IEEE 802.3bt-2018 compliant Microchip PSE chipset, PD69208M, PD69204T4, PD69208T4 PSE manager and PD69210 PoE controller are in volume production. The PD70224 IdealBridge MOSFET dual-bridge rectifier is also available. Evaluation boards, design application notes, firmware, graphical user interface (GUI) software, and communication protocols are available for download. The power supplies and midspans will be available in October 2019.

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