It was learned from Midea Group that on the afternoon of January 25, Wuhan City announced the construction of another “Xiaotangshan Hospital” in Jiangxia District – Leishenshan Hospital in Jiangxia District. After learning the news, Midea Group took the initiative to contact the Wuhan Urban Construction Committee immediately, and reconfirmed the donation of all household appliances needed for the construction of Leishenshan Hospital in Jiangxia District.

At the same time, Midea Group’s series of donations to Huoshenshan Hospital are being implemented in an orderly manner: the first batch of 300 sets of fresh air + windless air conditioners have been loaded and ready to be shipped to the hospital construction site. On the 25th, Midea Group announced that after full communication with the Wuhan government and the medical system, Midea Group launched an emergency rescue operation in Wuhan, donating all household appliances (including household air conditioners, central Air conditioners, water heaters, water dispensers, washing machines and dryers and other household appliances).

On the 25th, the Wuhan Epidemic Prevention Headquarters held a scheduling meeting and decided to build another “Xiaotangshan Hospital” – Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital, in addition to Wuhan Caidian Huoshenshan Hospital, within half a month, with 1,300 new beds.

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